Illinois police officers disarmament and killed with their own guns

Kankakee, Illinois (AP) — A police officer killed at a hotel in northern Illinois pleaded for her life after being disarmament during the struggle and before a man was allegedly shooting her with her gun. Said the prosecutor.

Bradley Police Sergeant Marlene Rittmanic and her partner Officer Tyler Bailey, Shot On December 29, we are investigating a noise complaint about a dog barking in a parked car outside the Comfort Inn. Bailey continued to be hospitalized on Monday, “fighting for his life,” Kankakee County lawyer Jim Rowe said in a hearing. Xandria Harris, 26, her co-defendant, 25 years old Darius Sullivan..

Rowe said Sullivan had his gun and used it to shoot Bailey’s head after a policeman knocked on the door of the pair’s hotel room. Chicago Sun Times report. Rowe is said to have shot Ritmanic when Sullivan chased her into the hallway and tried to escape before fixing it to the door. When Sullivan and Ritmanic fought, he said Sullivan called on Harris and she helped disarmament Ritmanic.

According to Rowe, the encounter was shot with a Ritmanic body camera.

Sullivan and Harris were standing on the Lithomanic pointing gun when she was lying on the floor, he said.

“Sgt. Ritmanic begged them,” Just leave, you don’t have to do this, just go, don’t go, don’t. ” Rowe said. “She was desperately begging for her life.”

While Harris had a Sullivan gun, Sullivan fired two ammunition from what the prosecutor believed was a Ritmanic gun, attacking the sergeant at the neck, Rowe said.

Sullivan and Harris have been charged with shooting and killing Ritmanic, 49, and seriously injuring Bailey, 27. Sullivan, arrested in Indiana, is fighting a transfer to Illinois.

Rowe said his office would seek life surveillance for the state accusation and asked the Justice Department to consider the case with the intention of pursuing a federal death sentence accusation. Illinois is not a capital punishment state.

Rowe Said in a news release There is a “recent precedent” for pursuing the federal death penalty for the killing of law enforcement officers, and there is a precedent for pursuing it in a “non-death penalty”.

A message asking for additional comments was left in Rowe on Tuesday by the Associated Press.