I’m 22 years old and live with my partner in a small 250 square foot house in the woods. Here’s how to save space:

A writer and partner, the exterior of a small house

My partner and I use every area of ​​a small forest-themed house.Nat Cornaccione

  • My partner and i Small forest themed house It reflects our style and interests.

  • We sleep in a loft that treats it like a real bedroom, and even has a functional office space.

  • We use every corner of our house and realize how easy it is to live with less life.

I had Fascinated by a small house Since I was a teenager, for the past five years, I’ve organized my belongings, researched cost and funding options, and listened to all the little things.

When I met my partner Thomas, I asked him if he would like to visit the small home community with me. A little over a year later, we started to settle for a new life together in a 250-square-foot home.

Here’s how to get the most out of your space:

I filled a 42-inch space with a desk of the same length

Desk surrounded by walls

This 42 inch desk is perfect for my home office.Nat Cornaccione

I’m a college student and a manager Home office was at the top of my priority list Because working on the sofa or bed is not the same.

With just 42 inches of floor space between the wheelwell and the bathroom wall, I found a desk that would completely fill the space. Push the EdenPURE heating system underneath and there is still plenty of space.

The bathroom toilet shelves contain all the essentials

Self with toilet paper and candles

Toilet shelves are cute and functional.Nat Cornaccione

The The smallest part of our house The bathroom is overwhelmingly 30 inches wide.

It was essential to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. The toilet shelves have plenty of room to store the toiletries you need.

Our bed is lofted and treats the space like a real bedroom

Loft bed with side table and windows

Our house is small, but our sleeping loft is comfortable.Nat Cornaccione

Every night we climb the ladder to the loft. Great for a peaceful night’s sleep..

The floor-to-ceiling loft Only about 3 feet high But still there is everything we want in a normal bedroom.

We share a small wall-mounted TV with bedside lamps, tables and windows on both sides of the room.

Custom paint work in our living room adds personality and divides our home into separate areas

When I moved in, the white walls of the house looked like white canvas, so I started. Plan a warm and cozy color scheme I got a paint sample from the Home Depot.

Painting the perennial greens and jackfruit in the living room was not only a fun bond experience, but also helped us to feel a sense of ownership of our space.

Open concept storage helps maintain a cleaner environment

Open concept shelves with mugs and plates

I keep all mugs and tableware on open concept shelves.Nat Cornaccione

Open shelves for storing tableware and glassware keep our homes clean and prevent the buildup of unwanted clutter.

There are 4 and 6 sets of location settings for mugs and glasses, so everything is matched and organized.

Large wall hangings can make a big statement in a small space

Constellation wall hanging

This large wall hanging is a prominent ornament in this space.Nat Cornaccione

We were attracted to vintage school charts from Cavallini & Co.Especially because I love watching the stars move in the night sky, the constellation design is given.

Focusing on one large piece helps reduce visual confusion and creates the illusion of a high ceiling.

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