I’m a New Yorker who has moved to the south for two years. Here are six reasons why I’m ready to leave.


Sam White with a smile on the left and aerial view of Rainbow Road on the right

I’m a New Yorker who lived in South Carolina for two years.Sam White; Shutterstock

  • Me Moved from northern New York to South Carolina 2020. Two years later, I will go home.

  • South Carolina humidity, large insects, and strict marijuana laws weren’t ideal for me.

  • The South is beautiful and has a strong culture, but nothing beats New York.

I was born and raised in a New Yorker Spent most of my life in the north.. However, when the 2020 coronavirus outbreak began, I moved to South Carolina and thought it was a relatively short period of time, so I hunted with my immediate family.

I will live there for 2 years I don’t think the south is for me..

Before moving to South Carolina, the southernmost place I’ve ever lived was Las Vegas.. But only two years after graduating from high school, this was a major adjustment.

Now that I’ve left South Carolina and returned to northern New York, I’ve decided to analyze some of the biggest reasons I chose to leave.

The heat and humidity are irresistible

It may be roasted because it is a northerner who complains of heat, but it is hot here. And it’s not a fun and tropical way.

No, this southern heat feels like experiencing the effects of real-time climate change.Sadly, I have that premonition It just gets worse — And soon.

Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina, USA. Beautiful views from the wooden promenade in the vast salt marshes on a clear morning.

Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.Shutterstock

The second summer in South Carolina felt twice as hot as the first, and was almost completely hot. I can’t stand leaving home Between May and October.

And when I say I can’t stand it, I mean that. The air is so humid that it feels like someone has put a wet towel on their face as soon as they go out.

My hair isn’t styled and my makeup isn’t left on. I miss the concept of looking good in the summer, not the unpleasant sweaty swamp goblins.

I can’t stand the heat, so I’m out of the proverbial kitchen.

South Carolina bugs are out of my weight class

I can handle crocodiles, snakes, birds, bats, lizards, turtles and frogs in the south. I also enjoy some of them.

But I can’t stand it bug..

I’ve never been attacked by insects, just as I was attacked by the giant abominations I saw in South Carolina. These bugs are huge. These bugs can beat me in a physical battle.

Golden Orb Spider in Congaree National Park, South Carolina

Golden Orb Spider in Congaree National Park, South Carolina

Banana spider in Congaree National Park, South Carolina.ShutterStock

In South Carolina I encountered Banana spider, Mole cricket, Palmetto bug, Millipede, centipedeTo give just a few examples.

These creepy, alien-looking creatures like to do things like dive bombing when I’m out and trying to care for my business.

Living in both Newyork and South Carolina, I always fight subway mice over these insects.

The transition from the blue states to the red states was difficult

I grew up in a diverse and progressive city of New York. States that generally vote for democracy in elections..

Therefore, it shifts to the state of being mainly dominated. Republican officialsMany of the people I have the political views and morals that I strongly oppose were like culture shock.

Despite the unpleasant amount of racism and white supremacy Disguised as “Southern Pride” I also learned that there is a huge belt in this area Beautiful and diverse When Desperately underestimated..

And when I spent more time in South Carolina I got it Mainly conservative Elected officials Not necessarily representative Of all the people who live here.

I want to be able to buy weeds that are still illegal in many southern states

Have a dull hand

New York legalized weeds for entertainment purposes in 2021.Peter Daysley

Don’t be a stoner in this situation Cannabis is illegal..

New York Marijuana finally legalized for entertainment purposes After taking that sweet time, in 2021.Unfortunately, many southern states Still lacking equally progressive cannabis control..

I wouldn’t even mind driving to the next state to buy weeds, but that wasn’t an option.Marijuana is generally illegal In all three of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

Law against Buy, sell, or own marijuana It’s tough in certain southern states.I, they Morally regressive And unjustly Affects disproportionately to people of color.. And I don’t want to live in a state that forces them.

In South Carolina I can still Buy legally Delta-8THCA cannabis compound that gives me a “high” but goes into a legal loophole in the United States.

It’s a great start, but I would like to see cannabis legalized for use for medical and recreational purposes throughout the South.

I miss access to various vegan foods

Gluten-free vegan sandwiches, beet humus, raw vegetables, bean sprouts.Soft focus

Gluten-free vegan sandwiches, beet humus, raw vegetables, bean sprouts.Soft focus

The vegan food I loved in New York was hard to find where I lived in South Carolina.Shutterstock

Before my claim Vegan food It depends entirely on where a person lives in the south.

I don’t want to draw the whole area on a large scale Vegan food Because there are plenty of wonderful southern vegan foods in the desert, recognizable. But if you want access to that vegan food, you usually need to be in a big city like Atlanta. Atlanta has great vegan options such as: Slut vegan When Plant-based pizzeria..

If you’re a vegan like me moving to a small town in the south, you’re probably out of luck.

My family’s house wasn’t as rural as getting down here, There weren’t many vegan choices In the neighborhood.

Me All my meals were made at homeThat’s fine, but I missed the luxury of being able to order a vegan breakfast sandwich delivery with a hangover on Saturday morning.

After all, there really isn’t a place like New York

Rocks overlooking autumn trees in the Adirondack Mountains, northern New York

Rocks overlooking autumn trees in the Adirondack Mountains, northern New York

Hiking the Adirondack Mountains is a highlight of autumn in the north.Shutterstock

Northern New York is one of the most topographically, ecologically and anthropologically diverse places in the world.

People complain about the harsh winters in the area, but they are a small price to pay Breathtaking autumn..

Adirondack exploded with a vibrant wash of red, orange, yellow and purple. The smell of autumn air in New York is the closest and dramatic to the real magic I’ve ever felt, but if you know, you know.

The south is also beautiful. I don’t pretend that’s not the case.

South Carolina sunset

Summers in South Carolina can be very hot.Shutterstock

The beauty here is what has kept me sane for the past two years. But I’m ready to go home.

I can’t wait Throw a pair of boots and sweaterPut on your headphones and go for a walk without the polite southern waves that everyone insists on doing here.

I know it’s polite and Southern hospitality, and I always do it. But I really hate it. many.

I just want to walk in peace, and I can always rely on my fellow New Yorkers to care about their own business.

South Carolina, it was real — but it’s time for me to go home.

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