I’m a professional bakery and my boyfriend is a chef. Here are 13 things I like to buy at Costco.

On the left is a clear bag of Costco's mozzarella snack pack. On the right is a large bottle of greenish olive oil at Costco's kitchen counter.

I got a snack pack of mozzarella cheese and olive oil at Costco.Alana Alhatrani

  • I am a professional bakery and my partner is a chef. Buy some staples at Costco..

  • Kirkland’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Maple Syrup are often purchased in bulk at affordable prices.

  • Note: Prices and availability may vary from location to location. This shopper is based in Seattle, Washington.

Most of our home cooking starts with garlic.

Costco's fresh garlic purple mesh bag

Garlic is a common ingredient in Italian cuisine.Alana Alhatrani

Garlic is an integral part of most of the dishes we do.And because my partner makes it Italian food Running it out for a living is not an option.

This £ 2 bag of fresh garlic can last for months for us and costs $ 6.49.

Prosciutto can be relied on at our home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Black and transparent pack of Costco prosciutto

Prosciutto is an alternative to bacon.Alana Alhatrani

Prosciutto is our bacon — with Eggs Benedict Breakfast sandwichPut it in pasta dishes and wrap it in chicken or fish for dinner.

Salty, hardened pork is packed with lots of flavor, but high-quality options are expensive and are often sold in small packages of 2 or 3 ounces in traditional grocery stores.

Citterio Prosciutto 18 months imported from Italy comes with two 6 oz packs and costs $ 11.29 at Costco.

We often eat Bel Giiooso’s mozzarella snack packs while cooking.

Costco mozzarella snack pack clear bag

Each snack pack contains three mini balls of mozzarella cheese.Alana Alhatrani

These handy cheese bundles contain three small balls of mozzarella cheese, but I’ve never eaten just one snack pack at a time.

You can also skewer cherry tomatoes and basil with a toothpick to make caprese or place it on caprese. Homemade pizza..

A bag of 24 1-ounce snack packs costs $ 9.39.

Theo’s Organic Double Chocolate Cookie Bite will satisfy my sweet teeth.

Fair trader dark chocolate cookie bite in a pink and white bag

Large bags of these chocolate cookie bites cost less than $ 20.Alana Alhatrani

I handle sweets all day, but I’m still reaching out while being bitten by Theo’s organic double chocolate cookies watching TV After a busy shift.

The dark chocolate-covered cookie dough is crispy and not too sweet.

The price of a 21 ounce bag is $ 17.40.

Our favorite breakfasts are bagels and rocks. You can save money by making it at home with Costco smoked salmon.

Black pack of Costco smoked salmon on a wooden table

Smoked salmon is also used in salads and risotto.Alana Alhatrani

In Seattle Cream cheese bagels Also, the cost of lox can easily exceed $ 12. This is not the daily cost of a kitchen salary. So, buy your favorite bagels from bakeries all over the town and make your own.

Subtly smoked and sliced ​​Costco smoked salmon are affordable and versatile, and are also added to salads and risotto.

The price of the two 12-ounce packs is $ 19.49.

I use a lot of sugar as a bakery, but I often substitute maple syrup.

Hand holding a beige jug of maple syrup at Costco

You can use maple syrup instead of white sugar or brown sugar using a 1: 1 ratio.Alana Alhatrani

In baking, maple syrup is often used in a 1: 1 ratio instead of white sugar or brown sugar.Its taste is more complicated, especially cookie And glaze.

I always get 100% pure maple syrup, which can be expensive, but Kirkland’s options are reasonably priced and of high quality.

A 1 liter bottle sells for $ 11.99.

Mamalil’s spicy pickle peppers are perfect for keeping in the fridge all the time.

A box containing a bottle of Costco's Mamalil pepper

You can add Mamalil peppers to a variety of baked goods and pizzas.Alana Alhatrani

Not too spicy, perfect vinegar, and above all, these Mamalil peppers are a must-see.

Mamalil is made from Hungarian “goat horn” pepper grown in the northwest and is soaked in sweet salt water of vinegar, sugar, garlic, maple syrup, fennel seeds and salt.

I add them to biscuits and my partners Put them on the pizza — These are versions that add hot sauce to everything.

My partner is lactose intolerant and Kirkland’s Oat Milk is our favorite non-dairy beverage.

Costco Kirkland Oat Milk White Box

Each pack of oat milk comes with 6 boxes.Alana Alhatrani

Kirkland’s Oat Milk is ours Choices other than dairy products..

Creamy and with a hint of oats, this option is great for coffee, but it can also replace the whole milk of many baked goods.

The price of this 6-pack is $ 9.49, which is convenient. The 32 ounce box can be stored in the pantry until opened.

Cooling the hard cider turns local apples into delicious drinks.

A colorful space-themed pack of cider hard ciders (in Costco) on a wooden floor

I like apple cider better than beer.Alana Alhatrani

My partner enjoys beer after the shift, but I have a crisp semi-sweet Excelsior hard cider.

The shilling pack is one of the many ciders and beers I have found from local producers. Impressive alcohol section of nearby Costco..

Six packs of shilling hard cider cost $ 10.99.

Every chef needs a sufficient amount of olive oil on hand.

A large greenish bottle of Costco olive oil at the kitchen counter

Kirkland’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is affordable.Alana Alhatrani

Kirkland’s Organic Extra virgin olive oil is a staple of cooking.. Use as a base for salad dressings, roast vegetables and sprinkle on pasta.

For something very ubiquitous in our dishes, we want oils of high quality but not out of our price range, so Kirkland’s options work well.

A 2-liter bottle sells for $ 11.99.

“King of Cheese” is sold at a reasonable price at Costco.

Kirkland Parmesan Noregiano Chunk Packaged on Black Countertop

Kirkland’s Parmesan Noregiano is sold at half the price at nearby local and grocery stores.Alana Alhatrani

In the kitchen of the restaurant Some of the best products — Like Parmesan Reggio — but those materials are not cheap.

Known as the “King of Cheese,” this ingredient is imported from Emilia Romagna, Italy. Parmesan Noregiano is difficult to find in traditional grocery stores and can be quite expensive for small slivers.

Costco sells 36-month-old cheese for $ 13.99 per pound. It’s half the price of a local or grocery store nearby and you’ll have to buy it every time you travel.

Cento’s San Marzano tomatoes are always on our grocery list.

3 packs of Cento canned tomatoes in Costco's yellow tins

My partner uses canned tomatoes to make Shakshouka.Alana Alhatrani

Three 28-ounce cans of San Marzano tomatoes only last a few days in our house.

Besides adding canned tomatoes to marinara sauce and ragout, we use them in braising, part of the soup base, and my partner’s favorite egg dish, Shakshouka.

Buying in bulk only makes sense when we fly cans. You can get the pack for $ 8.99.

The Costco book section is one of our favorite places to find culinary inspiration.

Colorful cookbooks piled up in Costco

I always buy the latest cookbooks from Yotam Ottoleng.Alana Alhatrani

Costco isn’t the most obvious place to buy a book, but this selection offers many of the latest cookbook releases at a fraction of the price of a traditional bookstore.

We love to be new Cookbook Inspires both our home-cooked and professional meals. I always buy the latest Yotam Ottolenghi release.

Book prices vary, but are usually 20% to 40% off traditional retail prices.

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