“I’m always waiting for something bad to happen”


Mayor Jim Kenny will speak on October 1, 2019, before the PA History Museum Committee marker is announced at the Bethel Burial Site in the Queen Village District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenny (D).Bastians Love Bar via Getty Images / Nur Photo

  • Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny responded live to the shooting on Monday night.

  • Mr Kenny said he was always worried about gun violence during his tenure.

  • “When I’m not here, when I’m not the mayor, and when I can enjoy some things, I’ll be happy,” Kenny said.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny said gun violence during his tenure was a constant stress for him and he looks forward to his second term in 2024.

“I’m worried every day,” Kenny later said. Two policemen were shot He was injured at a concert and fireworks display on the evening of July 4th. “There is no event or day where you lie on your back and look at the ceiling at night and don’t worry about things, so everything we had in the city for the past seven years, I’m worried.”

“I don’t enjoy Independence Day,” he continued. “I didn’t enjoy the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t enjoy the NFL draft. I’m always waiting for something bad to happen. I’m happy when I’m not here and when I’m not Mayor, and I can enjoy some things. “

Kenny, who wore a Real Madrid soccer jersey at a press conference, lamented the culture of gun ownership and lack of action on gun safety measures in the United States.

In Philadelphia, lawmakers cannot regulate firearms for the following reasons: Pennsylvania law.. 1996 State Supreme Court proceedings Ortiz vs Commonwealth In both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the ban on assault weapons was overturned, and courts interpreted state law to take precedence over the regulation of firearms at the local level. The Republican majority parliament in Pennsylvania passed a law in January to strengthen preemptive legislation, rejection According to Democratic Governor Tom Wolfe.

“This is a country of guns,” Kenny said. “It’s crazy. We’re one of the most armed and least secure countries in the history of the world. Therefore, Americans decide to give up their guns and give up their chances of getting one. Until we have this problem. “”

The mayor of Brotherly Love is limited to a four-year term of two times.

Kenny doubled when asked to clarify if he was really looking forward to not being the mayor.

“Yes, in fact.”

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