‘I’m going home now. ‘Utah police say a threatening letter to an Asian company under investigation

Police are investigating letters sent to Asian companies in Utah to threaten Asians and praise the shooting in Georgia.

The unified police told McClatchy News that the letter was sent to an Asian company in Taylorsville, and the police were sent by US mail, so they are working with a US postal inspector general.

“In the letter, Asians say they need to go back to where they came from, or where more Asians might be killed. To be honest, I’m very worried.” Sgt.Melody cutler According to ABC4, he said.

The· The letter was sent Eight people, including six Asian women, died on the weekend after the shooting at a hot spring in Atlanta, Deseret News reported. The letter celebrated Georgia’s murder, stating that Asians “caused COVID-19” and “need to return to their country” before being killed.

“All (Asians) have to go home now. According to the publication, either spread the word or you may die.”

The police said The letter did not have a sender address And there is no surveillance footage of who left the letter, KUTV reported.

According to the station, envelopes and letters are also tested for fingerprints.

Anyone who sends the letter may face terrorist threats and other federal crimes, depending on the outcome of the investigation, officials said. According to police, the case is the only “Asia-related hate crime” reported by the Unified Police Department in the past year.

Threats and attacks on Asian Americans (including hate crimes) Increasing in the U.S. It’s been a year since the coronavirus pandemic began. Stop APPI Hate, a national coalition that documents and addresses anti-Asia hatred and discrimination. Received 3,795 accounts of anti-Asia hatred From 47 states and the District of Columbia between March 19 and February 28, 2020.