“I’m not hiding, and I’m not afraid of anyone,” Zelensky said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has doubled his pledge to stay in Kyiv. Monday video message As he said to the world: “I’m not hiding.”

Important reason: Zelensky says from the beginning: He and his family will be the main targets..Ukrainian officials said last week they were able to thwart the assassination program, but the Daily Beast reported: More attempts have been made Since then.

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What he says: “Now I’m staying here. I’m staying in Kyiv. I’m on Bankova Street. I’m not hiding. And I’m not afraid of anyone. We win this patriotic war. It’s just necessary for, “Zelensky said from his office.

  • “As you know, Monday is a tough day. There is a war in this country, that is, every day is Monday, and now we are used to the fact that it is every day, every night.”

  • Russians launched targeted attacks, but Ukraine Not squatting and continuing to fight back Despite the lack of weapons, he said. Victory will be “certainly achieved”.

  • Ukrainians in the southern part of the country especially suppressed the fort, creating a “nightmare” for Russian troops, Zelensky added. “They forgot that we weren’t afraid of paddy wagons and batons. We aren’t afraid of tanks and machine guns. The truth when the main thing is on our side. Now. like.”

  • Negotiations So far not successfulBut the president said, “I will insist on negotiations until I find a way to tell the people. This is the way we will be at peace. It will be at peace.”

Big picture: Ukraine is on it Day 12 of the siege by the Russian army, The number of heavy bombardments is increasing nationwide.Russian attack in the first week alone Killed more than 2,000 civiliansAccording to the Ukrainian National Emergency Service.

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