‘I’m panicking! ‘A woman who finds a snake in the washbasin of her new Florida home


I’ve heard of snakes on an airplane. But to the vanity of your bathroom?

A woman in Orlando was scared of her life when she encountered an eerie crawler in her new apartment last week. Reptiles weren’t a surprise homecoming gift.

In a Friday Facebook post shared by female neighbor Donnie Simpson, you can see a large snake wrapped around a mirror above the sink, with its tail end around a bottle of soap.

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“This woman in the neighborhood found a ball python in the bathroom. Why can’t I be so lucky, lol”, reading the caption.

Horror Resident Ali Skipper originally posted a photo to ask his neighbors what to do with the 4-footer.

“There’s a snake in the bathroom upstairs !!! Who are you calling? I’m panicking !!!” Read Simpson’s first private post to a publicly shared chat room.

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Unnecessary guests have been removed and relocated, Skipper told a local news station. Fox 35She added that the snake not only slipped in from the outside, but also believed that it was a pet abandoned by a former inhabitant.

“It’s been a few weeks,” she told the media. reptiles It is named because it is known for its mild temperament and its tendency to curl into the ball when stressed.