I’m participating in the Lincoln project to prevent Republicans from winning Congress in 2022: Trippi

America is exhausted. We experienced the worst presidency in history when the very concept of what it means to be American was challenged.A pandemic has occurred Over 600,000 More than we lost of our fellow Americans Both world wars Of the last century. There is a keen desire for normality. Finally, we have a regular president with a competent executive branch. But this is not normal time. Democracy in the United States is at stake.

Many urge us to follow a transpartisan path to guide us from this danger. The Biden administration may be trying to bring our country back to normal four years later. Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va. And others are seeking a time-honored goal of transpartisanness and a common foundation to solve our problems. These are elusive goals.

We all live in the United States, which has two political parties for generations. It’s the only way we understand to get involved and talk about our politics. The two-party lens is the only way the news media knows how to report on Washington and of course the elections. That is why many of us cannot give up the idea that there must be a solution for the two major parties to the danger of the moment. I wish it was possible. it’s not.

Guardian of Lincoln’s Heritage

There are no longer two healthy political parties in the United States. A catastrophic mistake for our country is to continue to see the fight as Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right. We are at war with an authoritarian movement fueled by former President Donald Trump.It contains a lot 147 Republicans The person who signed the treason in a January 6 vote against Joe Biden’s victory, and it grew up since then..

Joe Trippi, Democratic Party for the People strategist and writer.

Joe Trippi, Democratic Party for the People strategist and writer.

Authoritarian movements are now so powerful within the Republican Party that well-meaning officials either come from a timid fear of a political career or Fear their safety. The important thing is what the rest of us are doing now. It’s time to choose the side and take action. It’s time to fight this authoritarian movement, become one of the guardians of President Abraham Lincoln, and ensure people’s government for people by people. Must not perish from the earth..

The truth is important. Many have lied and many have come to believe in those lies. They are not enemies-for them we must join us as Americans to provide the truth and find ways to move forward together.

January 6th calculation: Republicans fear the truth of the Capitol attack, Democrats have to find out why

All Americans, all businesses, news media and social platforms need to understand that our country no longer has two functioning political parties. Straddling between them fails to understand our situation and the threat of authoritarian movements trying to seize power in some way. It’s time for all Americans to take part in this battle. One party is not on top of another. But all Americans who oppose the authoritarian movement and its poison guarantee that our democracy will live until it dies, and another generation of Americans.

Howard Dean's campaign manager Joe Trippi will suspend the campaign on January 5, 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Howard Dean’s campaign manager Joe Trippi will suspend the campaign on January 5, 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa.

I spent Last 40 years As a Democratic consultant fighting the Republican Party over issues such as taxes, medical care and foreign policy. These are important issues in yesterday’s politics and I hope they will be important again in future politics. But today, America has one problem. That is, will the American experiment survive?

In Trump’s day, I praised the conscience and conscience Republicans who stood up and screamed for America.They were called Anti-playing cardsBut I always saw them more as democracy. They were Republicans. I am a Democrat. But these labels make little sense today.

Confront Trump’s authoritarianism

As citizens, we must participate in a democratic coalition that confronts authoritarian movements everywhere. Those seeking to govern with President Biden must find as much compromise and common ground as possible to get things done, and all of us must give them room to do so. But we do not compromise with those who continue to lie about the authoritarian movement.

Mark the calendar. January 6, 2025 may be the day when American democracy dies

This movement, led by Trump and endorsed by so many Republican senators and members of the House of Representatives, is so dangerous to our democracy that it is so dangerous. Lincoln project In 2022, the Republicans will defeat attempts to recapture the majority of the House and Senate. We will succeed if the American people understand the threats and dangers and can join and defeat the democratic coalition. Each of us can and must play our role in our own way.

This is not about policy, trivial politics, or the battles between our individual history and past parties. It’s about the future of our democracy, and as Lincoln’s guardian, to ensure it survives. That is why today I am participating in the Lincoln project for this purpose.

Joe Trippi is a Democratic strategist with clients such as former California Governor Jerry Brown, former Alabama Senator Doug Jones, and presidential candidates Walter Mondale, Dick Geppert, and Howard Dean.The revolution will not be televised“And the host of the podcast”That trippi show.“Follow him on Twitter. @JoeTrippi

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Trump fuels Republican lies. I’m participating in the Lincoln project and stopping them.

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