‘I’m stuck upside down.’ Woman trapped in gym equipment calls 911 from watch

Christine Folds was stuck upside down on an inverted table at 3 a.m. at her local gym and tried to call the only other person in the facility for help.

When calls for help were unanswered, and after unsuccessfully trying to keep himself upright, Foles used a smartwatch to help.

“I wish there were more people in the gym now, but I’m stuck with this reverse decompression. I don’t know. I can’t get anyone’s attention at the gym.” she told the 911 dispatcher From her gym in Bellaire, Ohio. “I’m just stuck upside down and can’t turn myself right back.”

“This is so embarrassing,” Folds added in a call from the watch.

Faulds had a cell phone in place to record the workout, but didn’t realize it was filming being rescued by police.

It was an easy rescue for the cops. flip the reversal table 180 degrees to release the fold. She said her ankles were on fire before being flipped onto her right side.

“It’s the easiest rescue ever,” Foles said in one of the videos uploaded to TikTok.

In a TikTok comment, she said after 18 hours that she was still “heavy headed” but was going to sleep.

As of September 1, more than 7 million people had watched the video of the officers rescuing the Falls, which she said she uploaded. laugh at yourself and move forwardaccording to news outlets.

In total, she told the press, it lasted about 12 minutes. for just a few minutes.

TikTok commenters joined Faulds in laughter.

“Did you move out of state after that?” asked one commenter jokingly.

“It’s just embarrassing to have to call so many times,” said another commenter.

Bellaire is about 15 miles southwest of Cleveland.

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