I’m the first New Yorker to visit Charleston, South Carolina. Here are five reasons I already want to go back.

Charleston lead image

I can’t wait to return to Charleston and explore more of the city and its surroundings.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

  • I recently took a road trip to three cities that began in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • I took a walk around the city for about 3 nights and 2 and a half days.

  • I was grateful a lot. Also, I would like to come back to enjoy more food, scenery and scenery.

I recently traveled from my home in New York to Charleston, South Carolina and embarked on a mini road trip.

Car rental Charleston

I rented a car at Charleston Airport.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

I flew from new york CharlestonI exchanged air travel for a rental car.

After 3 nights and 2 and a half days, I went to Georgia. I stopped by the savannaAnd Atlanta before going home.

I wanted to spend more time in each city, but I tried to get the most out of my days. At Charleston, that meant I would eat as much as I could and explore all my free moments. I can’t wait to come back already, and when that happens, this is what I plan to do.

All I had to do was walk in and out of the small backstreets of Charleston’s French Quarter and the surrounding residential areas to spend the entire afternoon.

Cobbled streets of Charleston

One of the many cobblestone paths in downtown Charleston.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

It was beautiful to walk in the historic downtown of Charleston. When I started going in and out of the little little sidewalk, I was absorbed in all that adventure.

Many of the cobblestone paths were not suitable for traffic and some were not suitable for cars at all, but they were perfect for exploring on foot. One of my favorite activities Wherever I am.

These walks in Charleston will bring you up close to the mostly refurbished carriage house architecture, a small garden suitable for an afternoon lunch (at least in my fantasy), and fragrant floral arrangements. I was able to do it.

It seemed like a great place to enjoy sports and boating, so I’d like to spend more time soaking in the water.


During my stay on the yacht, I was able to enjoy life on the water.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

Walking is great, but I’m also looking forward to returning to Charleston and spending more time by the water.

As part of my time at Charleston, Spent overnight on an Airbnb yacht Moored at the marina on the Ashley River.I don’t know if I will use it personally Over $ 800 per night on a yacht (Insider paid for Airbnb according to our reporting criteria), I want to go back to this part of Charleston.

I saw people passing by in small boats and kayaks. I think this is the best way to experience the beauty of the city. Next time, we’ll look at these types of rentals.

Charleston has many great restaurants. No matter how many times you go on a trip, there are still many things you want to try.

Charleston Food

I ate everything from oysters to biscuits.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

On this first trip, Darling Oyster Co. I was able to check out the list for famous Charleston restaurants such as and Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, but my personal restaurant wishlist continues to grow.

Charleston is full of great dining options, from barbecue confluences to seafood spots and roadside eateries. However, this three-night visit settled on the fact that I couldn’t try everything. Next time, I’ll always be there, but at that time I’ll try the Lowcountry classics and the Lowcountry dishes.

I didn’t experience the Charleston rooftop bar scene while in town — prioritize it on my next trip.

Rooftop Virtualstone

I saw this rooftop bar from the hotel.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

Every time I went to Charleston and talked to someone, I was asking about the rooftop bar scene and how great it was for an evening cocktail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take advantage of the features of this wonderful city, but next time I would like to make an effort (and make a reservation).

I could only catch the sunset on one of the three nights I was visiting in early December. Personally, I love being able to sit on a wonderful rooftop with friends and family, or alone, and enjoy the experience of seeing the sun disappear across the horizon.

There are many areas outside the downtown area, so I would like to take the time to explore them.


Until next time, Charleston!Rachel Askinashi / Insider

While in Charleston, I spent time on the peninsula, mostly in the historic downtown area. Because that’s where my work took me.

I liked what I saw, but I know there are many other areas of the city or county that offer different views, food, and landscapes, such as North Charleston, James Island, and Sullivan’s Island.

I can’t wait to plan another trip to this southern coastal city, as so much has already been on my wish list.

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