“I’m very excited” — Britain pulls a pint, shop, and resumes with a haircut

Birmingham, England — People lined up outside retail stores across the UK on Monday to relieve their disgusting shopping fever. Some people got midnight pints and early haircuts as British shops, pubs, gyms and hairdressers reopened after a three-month lockdown.

After imposing the most annoying restrictions in Britain’s peacetime history, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said resumption was a “major step” to freedom, but was responsible because the coronavirus was still a threat. I urged people to act with.

As the sun rose, dozens of people lined up outside Primark in British cities such as Birmingham and outside JD Sports on Oxford Street in London, undisturbed by the unseasonable cold.

At Kentian Bell in Bexleyheath in southern London and Oak Inn in Coventry in central England, several people lined up to drink beer with fellow drinkers after midnight.

The UK blockade is set to ease with reopening as non-essential retailers, gyms, pools and hairdressers
Hair & Beauty Gallery owner Kellyboard cut his hair on Sobutcher on April 12, 2021 in Warwick, England, as COVID-19 blockade restrictions began to be relaxed and non-essential businesses resumed. .. (Andrew Boyers / Reuters)

Maggie Greaves, who runs a Beaucatcher hairdresser in northern London, told Reuters that “meeting clients, seeing what they’re doing, and giving them the sensation of straightening their hair. I’m very excited about it. “

“Today will feel like the birthday of every beautician. Emails, text messages, WhatsApps, and even neighbors on the street wishing for good luck and joy have already arrived. It feels good. I can’t wait to go to the pub now, “Gleeve said.

Official data show that 2020 was the worst year for Britain’s economy for more than three centuries, with gross domestic product declining 9.8%, and then re-spending people is extremely important for Britain’s recovery. It is important.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been shut down since early January, when the UK entered its third blockade to stop the proliferation of infections caused by “Kent” variants of the virus.

Immunization campaigns and blockades that gave more than half of adults the first injection reduced deaths by more than 95% and cases by more than 90% from their peak in January.

Restrictions on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London relaxed
On April 12, 2021, people line up outside the store as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed in London, England. (Henry Nicholls / Reuters)

“Act responsibly”

The British Retail Consortium, an industry lobby group, estimates that UK stores lost £ 27 billion ($ 37 billion) in three blockades, while 67,000 retail jobs were lost in 2020 alone. doing.

Approximately 17,532 chain stores disappeared from high streets, shopping centers and retail parks across the UK last year, according to data compiled by researchers at Accounting firm PwC’s Local Data Company.

“I’m confident that it will be a great relief for business owners who have been closed for a long time. For everyone else, it’s an opportunity to redo some of the things we love and miss,” Johnson said. I will. Sunday statement.

“I will continue to act responsibly to control COVID in promoting vaccination programs and to remember” hands, face, space, fresh air “for everyone. Prompt. “

With more than 127,000 deaths, the UK has the fifth highest death toll in the world since COVID-19.

Non-essential stores such as home chains and fashion chains will reopen in Wales and England on Monday, but Scottish stores will have to wait until April 26th.

Pubs and restaurants will only be available outdoors from Monday, but the initial rules requiring food to be served with drinks and a curfew have been abolished.

Indoor service will not be permitted until May 17th at the latest.

Karl Recine and Kate Holton

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