Image shows Kamala Harris at Senator’s Supper Not Celebrating June 16th

Claim: The image shows Kamala Harris celebrating June 16th and white women being served by people of color.

After President Joe Biden Made Juneteenth a federal holiday June 17, celebrities such as Usher and Lupita Nyongo celebrate.. But some social media users say the country’s first black vice president didn’t do much to commemorate the opportunity.

A June 20 Facebook post Includes four photos showing Vice President Kamala Harris and several white women sharing a meal. One image shows Harris standing with the glass lifted. The other two images are zooming in on people in colors that aren’t on the table.

There is a caption for “Happy Juneteenth Ale” and over 1,300 posts.

Juneteenth Commemorative The end of slavery in the United States, more specifically the arrival of Union troops in Texas after the Civil War. They brought news of the liberation of slaves two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation.

A few Other version Some of the Facebook posts are also widely distributed on social media. However, the image shows Harris at a bipartisan supper for female senators four days before June 16.

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USA TODAY has contacted Facebook users who posted for comment.

Image from Senator Supper

The image on the Facebook post is from June 15th, a few days before Biden signed a bill declaring June 16th as a federal holiday.

Harris Invitation All 24 female senators (16 Democrats and 8 Republicans) for dinner at the official residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington. On Twitter, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican Alaska, Thank you Vice President who hosted the dinner party.

One of the images she shared matches the photo shared on her Facebook post.another Tweet Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) Shows a photo of Harris toasting the group from a table seat.

Supper wasn’t held to celebrate June 16th — it’s Annual bipartisan event For a female senator.But Harris expressed her thoughts on the holidays Tweet..

“We’ve come a long way, and we’re going a long way. But today is a celebration day. Congratulations to everyone, June 16th!” She said. June 19th TweetIncludes a clip of her speech at the White House for Biden’s bill signing.

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USA TODAY asked the Vice President’s office for comment.

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According to our research, the claim that four images show Harris celebrating June 16 and showing a group of white women being served by people of color is false. The image was taken at a bipartisan supper at Harris’s home in Washington, four days before the holidays. Supper is an annual tradition for female senators.

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