Impact of teacher shortages on student learning Warning: NSW Teachers’ Federation


The shortage of teachers in New South Wales (NSW) has led to many opportunities for combined classes of up to 45 students and minimal supervision throughout regional and intercity schools.

Angelo Gavrielatos, Chairman of the NSW Teachers Federation, said the numbers submitted to Congress:pdf) I was wary.

The 11th and 12th grades of Orange’s Canobolas Rural Technology High School are reported to have been under minimal supervision more than 300 times, and the 7th to 10th grade classes have been integrated more than 200 times. The school has 11 full-time jobs with vacant seats.

Within Sydney, Concord High School had six full-time vacant seats, with classes integrated or under minimal supervision 169 times before distance learning began.

“This is an example of the very realistic impact of teacher shortages on students and teachers in schools from Inner West in Sydney to Far West in New South Wales,” said Gavrielatos. .. statement.. “When the school is preparing to return to the next semester, it clearly reminds us why we have to deal with the teacher shortage as an urgent issue.”

Gavrielatos said Gallop Inquiry warned in February that uncompetitive salaries and unsustainable workloads contributed to the growing shortage of teachers.

A survey commissioned by the NSW Teachers Federation investigated the work of teachers and principals and the changes since 2004.

“Teachers need a competitive salary and need to reduce the inconvenient workload they face each week. They need more than thanks from the NSW state government,” said Gavrielatos. ..

A New South Wales Ministry of Education spokesman told the Epoch Times that current teaching vacancy rates are less than 2 percent of the total workforce.

“This is lower than last year,” said a spokesman. “So far this year, the New South Wales Department of Education has held about 3,200 teaching professions and employed about 10,000 teachers since 2017.”

A spokesman also said teachers in New South Wales could expect to receive a 2.5 percent salary increase as announced in this year’s budget.

In June, the government launched a new route to quickly guide mid-career professionals to the teaching profession to address the shortage.

The state is currently experiencing a serious shortage of STEM and special education teachers, especially in rural schools.

The government also provides a long list of incentives for teachers to travel to rural and remote areas. This includes various financial grants and transfer of priority after two to five years.

Rebecca Chu