Impact on Blockade Children Included in Official UK COVID-19 Pandemic Survey

Child welfare is added to a survey that wants to learn lessons from the UK Government’s response to COVID 19.

On Thursday, Baroness Hallett, a former High Court judge and chair of the UK’s COVID-19 hearing, proposed a change to the study that would play an important role in investigating the UK’s pandemic response. I wrote it to the Prime Minister.

The purpose of the study is to “investigate, review and report on preparations and responses” to pandemics in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Extensive, this probe collects evidence from hospital preparation, PPE spending, to investigate the effects of the virus on hospitals with protected properties.

The latest addition is to include children and adolescents (pdf), Impact on health and welfare and social welfare education, and initial provisions. The study also looks at the impact on the wider mental health of the entire population.

The study was initially criticized for not including school closures, discontinuation of physical activity, the impact of decisions on children’s social care, deterioration of children’s mental health, and restrictions on direct interaction with health visitors. rice field.

The organization UsforThem said the blockade restrictions “disproportionately harm children and adolescents.”

For example, during the blockade, “the risk factors for child abuse have increased” and “in 2020, there has been a significant increase in known and suspicious abuses or serious harms by neglect, including tragic and prominent deaths.” rice field. “

Organization Wrote a letter In March, Hallett urged her to do so. “The last two years of pandemic response have consistently and sometimes catastrophically brought children’s education, health and welfare priorities in relation to adult caretakers. We have a collective obligation to modify the course and do it quickly. “

Hallett said 20,000 individuals and organizations had met with more than 150 bereaved families and organizations representing different sectors of cities across the UK in a four-week consultation.

Inquiry hearings are not scheduled to begin until 2023. It is up to Johnson to make the final decision on the terms of the consignment. The investigation has the full power to force the writing of documents and summon witnesses to submit evidence under an oath.

“We are confident that these changes will best serve the purpose of Inquiry to investigate the UK’s readiness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic and learn lessons for the future,” said Hallett. ..

Owen Evans


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