Impossible Foods’ new autumn menu: “Fried Chicken Nuggets”

Impossible Foods chicken nuggets

Impossible Foods chicken nuggets

Replace the meat brand Impossible Foods to Bloomberg It was revealed that they will launch a new dish this fall: “fried chicken nuggets” made with plant materials. They will be served in American restaurants just like the previous “hamburger meat”, and will be available in supermarkets later, but they will also be the first to appear at a trade show in the United States next week.

Impossible Foods has explained that their substitute meat products will have a real taste, because they have added the name “hemeThe molecule, the raw material is thegenetic modificationYeast. Because of this, Impossible Foods has not yet been able to enter many markets, including China and some European countries.

However, the new “fried chicken nuggets” brings new possibilities, because Impossible Foods found that it is not necessary to add heme to restore the taste when developing a substitute for “white meat”, just add seasoning. Their chief taste scientist Laura Kilman also pointed out that the taste applied to the “fried chicken nuggets” this time is mainly the use of soy protein and sunflower oil.

Compared with its main competitor Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods can be said to have introduced chicken substitute meat later. However, Dennis Woodside, the chairman of the company, revealed that they are working on other things.

In other words, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, everyone is paying attention to how to improve the sustainability of food, including improving feeding methods, and even making it from plants like Impossible Foods. The last hurdle is how to meet the needs of consumers in terms of taste and price.

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