In a cockroach-infested house, a pungent odor hid bearded dragons and snakes, SC police say.

Four are guilty of cruelty to animals after authorities have discovered that 20 pets, including bearded dragons, are living in dire conditions. “Beyond understanding” According to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

According to investigators, the zoo contained 11 cats, 8 dogs, 4 snakes, and a beaded dragon.

Most of them lived in dung-filled homes near the town of Gray Court, officials said in a statement. The region is about 80 miles northwest of Colombia.

A total of eight people were arrested last week after information about “malnourished dogs” triggered an investigation, officials said.

“In the house, we found dire situations such as feces in various rooms on the floor, sunken floors, cockroach epidemics, and overwhelming odors,” the sheriff’s office said.

Many of the animals lacked water, and some were clearly underweight, officials said. Some seemed ill and one kitten showed “matte eyes,” officials said.

“The fact that people choose to live in these conditions is beyond understanding,” Sheriff Don Reynolds said in a release. “Punishment must adapt to the harsh treatment that these unprotected animals must endure. This is a real concern.”

Each animal is being evaluated at a veterinary clinic and “provides flea / tick treatment, deworming, and kennel / kennel cleaning,” the agency said.

The county park ranger visited the house on May 25th.

Marlena Dodgens, Brailyn Young, Michael Yeargin and Tequila Lloyd were each charged with one charge of “animal cruelty, general animal cruelty and torture,” officials said.

In addition, Christopher Doggens, Brian Doggens, Michael Doggens and Courtney Doggens were charged with animal cruelty, officials said.

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