In a parliamentary rematch, Democrat Christy Smith wants Republican Rep. Mike Garcia’s voting record to give her an edge.

Mike Garcia and State Legislature Candidate Christy Smith

Former lawmaker Christy Smith has announced that he will challenge Congressman Mike Garcia in the 2022 elections. (The Associated Press)

Democrat Christy Smith told Republican Rep. Mike Garcia in the 2022 midterm elections to vie for a seat representing northern Los Angeles County, which could be the key to deciding which party will rule Congress. Announced.

Last battle in November Attracted public attention and spent millions of dollars Finally decided with 333 votes.. Former State Congressman Smith is confident he can win next year, partly due to the lack of an fall campaign. During a pandemic It upset face-to-face voting efforts.

“We made a conscious choice not to sell door-to-door, which was a strength in the previous cycle,” Smith said. Joe Biden won the district, but more than 10,000 people who voted for him did not oppose the vote. He added. “We know that the opportunity we missed was exactly there. A compelling claim to knock on the door, keep people voting, and vote for Congress and local races. I will do it. “

The 25th constituency, which includes parts of Simi Valley, Antelope Valley, and Santa Clarita Valley, is important to both parties.The former Republican base-formerly a suburban belt of aerospace workers from police and firefighters in the Midwest and Los Angeles-has grown. Increasingly diversified..

Democrats celebrate when Katie Hill flips seats during the blue waves of the 2018 midterm elections, She resigned Less than a year after her intimate photo was published without her permission A proceeding against the First Amendment to the California Revenge Porn Act is underway..

Since then, seats have been prioritized by both parties, In 2020, it attracted the attention of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Smith was defeated by Garcia, a former fighter pilot and defense industry executive. In a special election It replaced Hill last spring and in the general election. This was the first time the Republican Party had reversed California’s Democratic district for over 20 years. Garcia has opened an account to raise funds for the 2022 reelection.

It is widely believed that Hill is interested in running again, but the 33-year-old has not publicly disclosed her plans. She has a base of support among some Democrats who believe they have been unfairly expelled from the office by rivals who have sacrificed her.

Smith and Hill were personally and politically intimate. But Smith said he hadn’t talked to her “for quite some time.” She said she got tens of thousands more votes than Hill got in the district, but Smith was competing in the year of the presidential election. The year of the presidential election always has a higher turnout than the midterm elections.

“I think people want the most powerful shot possible to make sure they’re out of Garcia’s seat. It leans towards me because it exceeded what she could do in the previous cycle. I think it is, “Smith said.

Garcia’s outlook may be affected by the constituency change, which is a ten-year redraw of the House of Representatives constituency.

California is expected to lose house seats Due to population changes, and if so, subdivision experts believe it is likely to come from Los Angeles County. If this happens, an independent committee tasked with redrawing the boundaries could bring District 25 closer to Los Angeles, making it more diverse and free, which will help Smith. (The new House constituency will not be finalized until next year.)

Democrats admit that they can benefit from redrawing the map, but Garcia is now Legislative achievements It showed that he was out of step with the district and was in line with the forces that challenged the outcome of the presidential election.

“He has undoubtedly established himself as a hardliner on the right, opposed the COVID bailout bill, voted against the violence against women, and voted not to prove the outcome of the election,” Smith said. It was. “So absolutely now we are in a very different ball game when it comes to looking at his voting record.”

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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