In an unusual move, Governor DeSantis submits a subdivision map

Tallahassee, Florida (AP) — Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has submitted a proposal to remap the Legislature and open up a district owned by the Black Democratic Party.

The proposed parliamentary map, submitted on Sunday the eve of Martin Luther King Junior Day, showed the governor’s priority as the state moved to redraw the political map in the coming months.

The governor usually does not submit a map proposal, but can reject the district plan after passing through the State Capitol. DeSantis, who runs for reelection and is considered a candidate for president in 2024, has greatly shaped the legislative agenda of the Republican-controlled State Capitol this year. His office did not immediately return an email request for comment on the map.

In particular, the proposal dismantles the northern Florida district owned by Democrat Al Lawson and splits the southern Florida district previously owned by another Democrat Alcee Hastings. It is something to do. Under the Governor’s plan, the St. Petersburg district, owned by Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist, will also be carved out.

The Democrats quickly criticized the Governor’s proposed map, suggesting that it could not pass the legal convocation as it is currently drafted.

Democratic Rep. Evan Jenne told reporters, “As I can tell, the Governor released his unsolicited map on Martin Luther King’s Day.

Last week, the Senate Reallocation Commission approved the Senate-led parliamentary map with a nearly unanimous vote, indicating that both parties agreed to be drawn without benefiting parties or candidates. The plan now moves to the full Senate for voting. The House constituency change committee must approve the version of the parliamentary map.

In 2015, the Florida Supreme Court destroyed a Republican-created map of the Legislature in a ruling that it was in the interests of the Republican Party and was created with the help of a Republican consultant in the state.