In Delaware, Biden enjoys one of his oldest habits, commuting

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Marine One, with President Joe Biden on board, will land at Rehovot Beach in Delhi.  (Stephanie Reynolds / New York Times)

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Marine One, with President Joe Biden on board, will land at Rehovot Beach in Delhi. (Stephanie Reynolds / New York Times)

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. — Everyone here has a Biden story.

Joe Biden, owner of the Double Dippers Ice Cream Parlor, says he likes to recite old Irish sayings when President Joe Biden comes to get a quart of chocolate chips. According to Browse About Books owner Susan Kiho, Biden and his dog, Champ, are crowded with spectators when they’re relaxing on a bench outside the store.

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Delaware Auditor Kathleen McGuinness has a photo of her standing next to Biden in an aviator on her cell phone near Rehoboth Avenue, the main street of the town.

McGuinness talked about the president and his descendants who spent years here in the summer before Biden bought a $ 2.7 million beachhouse in North Shores, a Tony district north of the town, in 2017. ..

Before the 2020 election, Mr Biden was a regular in downtown, and the former Vice President often involved people in conversations, sometimes with no end.

“He wandered freely,” Mack said.

As president, Biden gave public comments that compared life in the White House to life in a “golden cage cage” and the frequency of the most comfortable trips in Delaware. Display and protect at the same time.

Biden and his wife own a large house on the outskirts of Wilmington, but Rehobot is a laid-back beach town selling french fries in buckets and a Biden-themed product (in honor of the president’s favorite drink). Gatorade orange candles made in Japan, etc.) are on sale. It is one of his favorite shelters. Biden was born in the midst of tense negotiations with Republicans on infrastructure packages, a surge in ransomware attacks on American companies, and plans for an upcoming trip to the Group of 7 Summit in Europe. Departed for the beach to celebrate the day. First lady.

Joe Biden’s long-standing tendency to return to Delaware: For 36 years in the Senate, Biden decided to return to Wilmington to spend most of the night with his sons, his first wife, It is a custom that began after Neilia Biden. And his little daughter Naomi Biden died in a car accident.

At least for now, the Bidens have another reason. According to two people familiar with their ideas, the Bidens have not yet fully trusted expatriates and security guards who are not directly employed. (Many household employees are bereaved families of the previous administration. Yes, as is often the case with the new president.) The Bidens have not yet set up a chief guide for the White House, which manages their homes. The Trump family’s chief guide, a former guest room manager at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, was fired on the day of his inauguration.

For Biden, the White House made some adjustments. Delaware, on the other hand, costs very little. Their home in Rehovot was purchased after the president promised his wife to buy a beach house with revenue from the multi-million dollar book deal signed after he left the vice presidential post. (“A Promise Kept” is written on the nameplate at the top of the front door.)

“I wanted a place where I could come in with a wet swimsuit and bare feet and take a broom to brush off the sand,” Jill Biden told Vogue in 2020. Everything is easy. “

The two biked in a state park near their home on Thursday longer than expected as the president stopped to talk to people, according to people familiar with the two activities. The couple kept it unobtrusive, but the townspeople were comparing notes about where the first couple would appear.

At Biden’s favorite Italian restaurant, Defevoz, patrons wanted the president to come and eat his favorite dish, the red sauce of chicken Parmesan cheese. (The first woman usually orders salmon.) An ice cream store, a parlor near the promenade, was waiting for Biden’s summer White House cherry tabs to be consumed.

This is not the visit. Law enforcement officers dressed in black SUVs restricted traffic on the wooded paths in Biden’s neighborhood. The sight of a Coast Guard ship floating in the sea and a muscular Secret Service agent in summer clothes was the only gift the president had in town.

When the Bidens returned to the capital, it was unusual for their typical week to reverse. According to a rescheduled schedule, Joe Biden spent nine weekends at his home in Wilmington and five weekends at Maryland’s villa, Camp David, except for his first trip to Rehobot this week. Mr. Biden changed trains to Air Force One, contacted Washington in a hurry, and even went on short trips. Last week he returned to Wilmington in the afternoon to attend the funeral of his longtime aide.

Not surprisingly, the fact that Biden enjoyed returning to Delaware didn’t seem to surprise the inhabitants here, even in the middle of the president’s work week.

“I think he knows how to do it in Washington, and he knows what he needs to do and where he needs to be,” he knew Biden for many years. McGuinness said that her sister was a babysitter for her family .. “For those who prioritize their family, it makes sense to rush to Wilmington’s house or Rehoboth’s house. “

First ladies often spend less time in Washington than their husbands. Before a weekend trip, Jill Biden sometimes heads individually to one of Delaware’s family homes or meets a large family at Camp David. She also traveled alone to Rehovot. The Biden family is generally treated as part of the landscape, said Kiho, owner of Browse About Books.

“We try to treat them as if they were different customers,” says Kehoe. “That’s good for us.”

The treaty suggests that the president should approach Washington and be cautious about taxpayer-funded trips, but the concept was pushed to the limit by President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump 417 He spent more than a day in one of his real estate, a travel habit that blurs the line between his family business and the duties of the president.

Mr. Trump enjoyed the benefits of being president, including staff, ceremonies, planes, and presidential cars. Many of these benefits have long been familiar to Joe Biden, and he is Barack Obama. He had similar equipment around him for eight years as his vice president, but he says the traps associated with his presidency made him uncomfortable.

In a town hall-style interview with CNN, Biden talked about life at the White House: “I don’t know everything about you, but I don’t want anyone you’re waiting for. February. “I am very conscious of myself.”

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