In his father’s shoes, new BC Premier David Eby is running off

British Columbia’s new prime minister, David Evey, looked down at his shiny shoes and explained to the audience at the swearing-in ceremony that this was a tribute to his father.

But flashy footwear could easily symbolize how Eby decided to take action.

Eby, who was sworn in as BC’s 37th prime minister on Friday, announced on his first day in office the launch of the NDP government’s plan to tackle the state’s ongoing thorny issues of public safety and affordable housing. said to be seen.

He also announced soon $100 Cost of living credit of the residents Electricity Establish invoices and affordability credit For low- and middle-income earners.

Amid concerns over random crime, plans to improve public safety in B.C. were unveiled on Sunday, and legislation to improve affordable housing is set to be introduced into Congress on Monday.

It may take 18 months to two years for governments to deliver on their priorities around health care, public safety, affordable housing and a clean and sustainable economy, but people will start working soon. You will see the

The new Prime Minister is a former attorney at the Pivot Bar Association and Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association. En route to becoming Minister of Housing and Attorney General, he made a name for himself as a political titan-killer by defeating former Prime Minister Christie Clark on horseback at Vancouver Point Gray.

Eby’s installation took place at the Musqueam Community Center in Vancouver. This was the first premier swearing-in ceremony hosted by her First Nation in BC.

before he was led by native drums and sworn in by a lieutenant. Janet Austin, who attended the Maskame Blanket Ceremony. He was told to use it as a warm hug from the community when feeling frustrated or sad.

“What I want to offer, what our team wants to offer to the people of British Columbia over the next 18 months to two years, is something they can see, something they can touch, something they can point us in. It’s real and concrete,” he said at a press conference after the ceremony.

“We can’t solve all of these huge challenges overnight. Most of these huge challenges are global,” said Eby. “We need your cooperation.”

He said BC’s affordability is: credit Low- and middle-income residents will receive up to $164 for adults and $41 for children, delivered through the Canada Revenue Agency and reflected in people’s bank accounts in January.

one time Electricity credit In the meantime, it will automatically apply to residents’ BC Hydro bills this fall.Corporate Client Receives Her One-Time Bill credit $500 average.

Eby said Crown-owned BC Hydro is having a good year. credit It depends on market conditions.

He will replace Democratic Rep. John Hogan, who announced in June last year that he was resigning for health reasons. Hogan attended the event on Friday, received a standing ovation and delivered his final speech as prime minister.

Eby said BC is a great place to call home, but people are worried about their future and worried about their families.

“I am proud of what John Hogan and our government have done to put people first. We are ready to bring results that the community can see and feel.”

Maskeme Chief Wayne Sparrow welcomed the crowd gathered at the event, thanked Evie’s wife, Dr. I got

BC Ferries Board Chair and former NDP Minister Joy MacPhail said Eby was thoughtful, cautious and open to innovative ideas. He was fearless when it came to bold actions, and he was someone you wanted to be on your side.

“I am confident that David has the necessary capabilities to deliver results that will make this state better for each of us.”

Hogan told the audience he never thought the day would come when the new Democratic Prime Minister of B.C. would pass the baton to another new Democratic Prime Minister.

When Mr. Hogan became party leader, the first thing he did was lean on the tallest man he could find and pile the work on his shoulders: Eby is 6-foot-7.

He said that when the New Democrats came to power, they piled on Evey even more work.

“On this day, November 18th, I proudly turned to the tallest man in the room and congratulated Prime Minister Eby. It will be an amazing journey. But we still have work to do.”

After taking the oath of office, Evie singled out Hogan and praised his record, including winning a majority government in 2020.

“I stand on John Hogan’s shoulders, so I’m not as tall as I look.”

Evie also thanked his wife, young son, and daughter for their support, and said he tried not to look where they were sitting to stave off tears.

He thanked his father and mother and told the story of his shoes.

The gleaming black shoes were a tribute to her father who bought them for Evie when she started working as a “baby lawyer” in Vancouver a few years ago.

“It was key for my dad that I have court shoes,” said Evie. “If I was going to be a lawyer, I needed good court shoes. For my dad, that obviously meant patent leather tuxedo shoes.”

According to Eby, the shoes were a way for his father to be with him on the big day and a reminder of the values ​​he had learned.

Eby’s son, Ezra, noticed that they looked like “soldiers’ shoes.”

“Maybe so,” said the new prime minister. “We have to fight every day.”

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