In Israel, twin dramas show Netanyahu’s difficult path

Tel Aviv, Israel (AP) — Israel’s future and the fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck court and politics on Tuesday. The president of the country considered whether allegations of corruption against the prime minister should influence the choice of those who lead the government.

The extraordinary decision before President Reuven Rivlin came when Netanyahu’s trial resumed after the fourth election in two years, a day that might reveal who could lead a split government. I will.

The March 23 vote revolved around whether Israel’s longest-serving prime minister was well suited to continue his duties. The 120-seat Knesset did not produce a dominant majority, leaving it to Librin to choose the leader most likely to form a coalition government. Congress was to swear later on Tuesday.

Netanyahu was not expected to appear in court on Tuesday, but his increasingly hectic future ran through both areas.

In politics, his Likud party won the most seats in the election, but less than half.

The outlook was not flattering in the courtroom where he faced fraud, trust breaches, and bribery charges in three separate cases. An important witness on Monday cast Netanyahu as a crazy leader in the image.

Netanyahu denied all charges and accused the prosecutor of persecuting him for his absence in a nationally aired speech.

“This is what the coup attempt looks like,” he said.

The ruling could be months or years ahead, but the process is expected to take up to three days a week, and it’s definitely an embarrassing and time-consuming distraction to amplify Netanyahu’s call for resignation.

A few kilometers away, Librin consulted with various political parties elected to parliament before selecting candidates to form a new government. The talks risked the country plunging into an unprecedented five consecutive elections.

Israeli media reported that Librin is considering another factor that hints at Netanyahu’s legal difficulties. In a meeting with the Likud party, Mr. Librin said, “There may be a moral factor in choosing a prime minister,” but I wasn’t sure if it was in him or in the Supreme Court.

Both Netanyahu and his main rival, Yair Rapid, failed to get the support of a majority of parliamentarians, so Librin faced the difficult task of choosing the leader most likely to form a coalition government with 61 votes. doing.

Late Wednesday, Rapid called on the country’s anti-Netanyahu faction, a patchwork of parties with significant ideological differences, to put their differences aside and form a unified government. He offered a power-sharing rotation to Naftali Bennett, the leader of the small right-wing party, and said Bennett was the first prime minister.

“Anyone who sees Netanyahu’s reckless performance today understands that he can’t keep up,” Rapid said on Tuesday.

Netanyahu spent part of Monday in court, where the evidence stage of his trial was revealed. This session focused on the most serious incidents against Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been accused of promoting regulations that would benefit Bezeq’s carriers by hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for active coverage of Bezeq’s popular news site, Walla.

Former editor-in-chief of Walla, Iran Yeshua, announced that Bezeq owners Shoal and Iris Elovich had an advantage over Netanyahu, explaining a system that repeatedly pressured the prime minister’s rivals to be defiled.

What explanation did he give from the couple? “That’s what the prime minister wanted,” he said.

In a statement aired on television, Netanyahu accused the prosecutor of “hunting witches” against him.

Intertwined political issues emerged. Librin must elect a prime minister until midnight Wednesday-nominate a prime minister given up to 6 weeks to form a coalition. If he feels that there is no clear choice, he can send the matter directly to the Knesset and order lawmakers to choose a member as prime minister or force another election.


Associated Press writer Ilan Ben Zion contributed to this report from Jerusalem.


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