In Miami, Donald Trump offers luxury condos and hotels.This time without his name

New Doral Real estate venture Former President Donald Trump has launched a traditional trap for his promotional playbook. Luxury amenities, access to luxury golf, and an exaggerated statement that Trump himself advertises as “probably the most exciting development in the country.”

However, as stated in the application to the city’s planning department, the proposed “Dral International Towers” complex lacks one of the mainstays of celebrity mogul real estate ventures. Is to use “playing cards” in the name.

Four towers with an existing footprint of 42 stories Trump National Doral Miami Resorts, so far, their names are only in the city where they are built, not in the 45th president who wants to build them.

“He named us,” said Felix Lasarte, a Miami lawyer and lobbyist hired by The Trump Organization, for a project with more than 2,000 condo units through Doral’s zoning and land-use process. Realized. “He wants to focus on Doral.”

The proposed Doral project, facing Northwest 87th and 36th Avenues, is the case for Trump’s first post-presidential branding strategy after falsely claiming that the Republicans won the election and overseeing efforts to overturn it. We may provide a study.

Trump brand: license fee, and repulsion

With Trump’s success as a celebrity real estate tycoon and reality TV star, he has become one of the most famous names in the real estate industry. Sunny Isles Beach, Fort Lauderdale You don’t just have to pay the license fee once to place Trump’s name on the tower.

Running for president has brought Trump a business problem. After playing with Doral for years PGA moved valuable golf tournaments to Mexico City in 2016Approximately a year after Trump accused Mexico of sending “rapists” and other unwanted people to the United States through illegal immigrants.

Trump Doral’s lawyer said in a 2018 appeal for property taxes in Miami-Dade County that he was “significantly poorer” than Aventura’s Turnberry Golf Resort and other competitors. The department blamed “negative implications for the brand.”

Doral was one of the closest cities in Miami-Dade County During the 2020 electionAccording to an analysis by the Miami Herald, Trump barely leads Joe Biden by 51% to 49%.

Trump needs approval from the Doral City Council to build the tower, and voting is scheduled for later this year. Construction may begin at the end of 2023, implying that Trump is ready to run for the second term at the White House prior to the 2024 presidential election.

The proposed tower will be about twice the height of the building. Doral’s new commercial town center, Lasarte said, and needs a review by the Miami-Dade County Civil Aviation Bureau.

Luxury condos sold by Doral’s Trump?

In addition to the proposed 2,222 condominiums (some of which are expected to sell in the $ 2 million range), the proposed project will include approximately 82,000 square feet of retail stores and approximately 500,000 square feet of office space. There is also.

The resort itself shrank, reducing from 643 hotel rooms to 470 rooms after the existing building was demolished. Two of the current 15 buildings will be demolished, according to Lasarte.

A five-page brief sent to the city on January 14 by Lasarte states that the project outline is “Trump National continues to be an internationally renowned and world-famous golf destination.” However, there is no mention of Donald Trump.

The proposed project is described as “a multipurpose commercial center in the heart of downtown, known as the Doral International Tower.”

Trump acquired the former Marriott, which went bankrupt in 2012. The disclosure document lists Trump as the beneficiary of trust behind the entity that owns the 54-acre site and its golf course, including the famous “Blue Monster.”

A card project named Doral International Towers?

Will Trump keep his name away from the project?

Venture news came first from Trump.and Press release On January 17, Trump, published by his office, celebrated the recent upgrade of Blue Monster and announced a “Phase 1” expansion of luxury homes, retail space and commercial facilities at Doral. “This is probably the most exciting development in the country,” the statement said.

After being inquired by the Miami Herald about the lack of the Trump brand, Mr. Lasarte said Monday night that the former president had told him that the project could also be named.

“He said:” These are work plans, “Lasarte said. “‘Trump Doral’ is what he called it.”