In one country, Senator Roberts says Lambie is “dishonest” about leaking phone numbers.

In one country, Senator Malcolm Roberts said independent Senator Jackie Lambie said her safety was threatened given that her cell phone number was already published on the Facebook page. I’m unfaithful. “

“We don’t allow private phone numbers to be published,” Roberts told MPs sitting in the Senate via a video link before “correcting the record.”

According to Roberts, Tasmanian voters got Lambi’s phone number from a Facebook page that they were invited to contact her.

Voters then sent a screenshot of a text message exchange between voters and Lambie to Tasmania’s one-nation candidate Steve Mab. Steve Mab displayed Lambi’s number and posted it on his Facebook page.

“Steve removed the phone number from his post,” Roberts said. “There remains a text message stating that Senator Lambi is opposed to mandating the vaccine.”

A text message of allegations from Lambie to voters states:

Roberts pointed out on Twitter. Screenshots providedLambi’s message to her state voters opposed her speech at Congress on Monday, where she condemned the bill proposed by One Nation to end her vaccination obligations.

“In fact, voters want to know why Lambiy has achieved 180 completely,” Roberts wrote. “She was originally against the order, but yesterday she was against One Nation. Maybe complaining about the phone number is just a distraction from a much more important issue.”

Roberts suggested that Lambi had a political motivation and his party was invading Tasmania, trying to misrepresent the situation.

“Senator Lambi is running scared, playing victims and misrepresenting the situation. This phone number, this account was publicly issued by Senator Lambi,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lambie asked Wan Nation to apologize for sharing the text message with the Liberal Party and the Labor Party.

Jackie Lambie
Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie at the Senate of the Capitol in Canberra, Australia, September 9, 2019. (TraceyNearmy / Getty Images)

Lambi On Tuesday, she said she had to change her number to keep her family and friends safe, as people could easily find personal information from their phone numbers.

“I received a lot of nasty, abusive and threatening calls and messages,” she told Congress. Reported age..

“You are explaining to politicians (of the federal police) about our security. There is a gallows on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, and the senators in this room must not encourage abuse.”

Lambie said giving mobile numbers to veterans with poor mental health would affect them.

“These veterans know that if someone needs to hear, they can call me anytime, day or night,” she said.

“It’s completely unacceptable to divulge the personal contact details of other senators to the public just because they don’t like what they’re saying.

“A country has crossed the line here, but never.”

Age urged Labor Senator Penny Wong to apologize to Robert, reporting that “a fire could quickly overwhelm us.”

Senator Simon Birmingham, the government’s finance minister, said it was unacceptable for anyone to divulge personal contact details.

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