In parts of Europe, with the advancement of Delta Air Lines, increased control and push vaccines


More and more European countries are promoting the use of COVID-19 status certificates or vaccine passports, saying that they are to control the spread of delta variants of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Italy follows in the footsteps of France on Thursday, announcing that vaccination or immunity proof will soon be required for a series of activities, including indoor dining and admission to places such as gyms, pools, museums and cinemas. did.

Greece last week mandated vaccination certificates to allow access to indoor restaurants and bars, but dozens of Portuguese municipalities introduced weekend curbs for indoor dining in early July. ..

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi told reporters that “the Delta variant is even more threatening than other variants,” and his decision to require the so-called Green Pass to participate in much of public life. Defended.

Draghi said the Green Pass is a “requirement” to keep the economy from stopping again.

The Italian governor said bookings had increased significantly after Draghi spoke late Thursday.

“I think the Prime Minister has achieved what he wants to achieve,” said Giovanni Toti, Prime Minister of northwestern Liguria.

According to Doctolib’s health website, a record 3.7 million French citizens applied for vaccination the week after French President Emmanuel Macron announced an enhanced health pass on July 12.

Other European countries are also tightening the screws more or less slowly.

Hungary mandated health care workers vaccinations on Friday, but Malta became the first European Union country to ban visitors over the age of 12 from entering the country this month unless fully vaccinated. ..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially excluded a health passport for domestic use, and from the end of September it will be required to prove full vaccination at nightclubs and many other places in the UK, with a negative test. Said it would be unacceptable.

Official figures suggest that CCP vaccines weaken the link between infection and hospitalization and death, and drug regulators in the UK and around the world have said that the benefits of CCP virus vaccines may bring them. He claims to outweigh the risks, but fears that a coercive move could undermine confidence in the vaccination program.

Germany, which has the lowest per capita mortality rate on the continent, refused compulsory vaccination, saying it would undermine public confidence in the vaccination campaign.

Instead, they’re trying to convince skeptics by making jabs as easy as possible, such as by offering unreserved shots at vaccination centers or sending mobile teams to rural areas. ..

Moscow had to lift the ban on people entering cafes, restaurants and bars without a health pass after complaining that the owners were killing the business this week.

Meanwhile, anger at France’s new COVID rules has blamed the government for overkill, causing 100,000 people to hit the streets last weekend, causing national protests.

“I’m not here because I’m against vaccines. I’m here to protect our freedom. 40-year-old bakery Mohammed Bukifa said mid-week in Paris. I told Reuters in a demo.

Reuters contributed to this report.