In serving progressive values, the U.S. military was separated from reality


To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, US President Biden honored women in the US military. “We are on track to design body armor that fits women properly. Tailoring combat uniforms for women. Creating maternity flight suits. Update — Update hairstyle requirements,” he said. Boasted.

Maternity flight suit? The idea caused Fox News host Tucker Carlson an absurd riff about such absurdity of prejudice in the light of heightened tensions between the United States and China. This in turn created a disgusting “disgust” from the Pentagon’s brass. Sgt. Army Major Michael Grinston tweeted, “Women will dominate in future battlefields where we are required to fight.”

This gives you an idea of ​​how the current US military is separated from the reality of serving progressive values. Needless to say, how far are progressives in general from the mysterious truth of evolutionary psychology? In general, women are not involved in combat and there are good reasons related to the survival of our species. Of the relatively small number of people, only a handful depend on the physical rigors traditionally required of men. Because (I can’t believe I have to say this, but I have to because ideology is hostile to empiricism) The most suitable men are bigger than the most suitable women Strong and fast.

Ironically, due to the fierce debate over transwomen in women’s sports, science is completely up to date on this issue. It has been scientifically resolved that men retain their inherent physical advantage over women, even though they are weakened by estrogen. But again, we find an ideology that, contrary to all evidence, claims that there is no evidence of male dominance. (For fairness, I have not yet heard the gender ideology declare that it will “dominate all competition in the men’s division of the Olympics.”)

Of course, women are as courageous and coerced as men. A brave female spy served heroically at the Resistance. Women have also fought in the Wars of Independence of Russia and Israel during World War II, but in most cases the situation was hopeless and generally fought as a last resort. Women are delighted to play a supportive role in the military and have been involved in an organized defense history. Fame and expert rewards occur to anyone with a combat trophy in any military. This explains that feminists promote combat fairness. However, if options are available, women generally avoid high-risk activities and combat is the most risky of all.

You wouldn’t know that because the media had been collusion with feminist doctrine for decades. Back in 1985, Life magazine’s World War II Memorial was terribly misleading readers by featuring 10 male soldiers along with 7 female soldiers to explain the heroism of war. I did. In fact, from 1941 to 1945, more than 15 million American men served in World War II, compared to about 400,000 women. Throughout the war, more than 540 military personnel were killed and 16 were killed in enemy fire.

But progressives are dreaming. In 1997, Secretary of Defense Maurice Baril predicted that by 2009, women would account for 28% of the Canadian Army and 25% of the frontline infantry units. In the experience of our military, or other Western military, none supported such a prediction. Currently, 15.9% of CAF members are women, and we aim to increase the number of female representatives to 25.1% by 2026... (The NATO average for military women is 11 percent.)

The fact that the Canadian Department of Defense seriously enjoyed such a wonderful delusion (and spent a lot of money on advertising campaigns to seduce new female employees) requires deliberately ignoring the inherent gender differences. It tells us that there is a fair attachment to optics.

“Women in the Army: Tinkering in a Disaster” is a compelling evidence-based discussion of women in combat, published in 1998 by decorated infantry officer and military journalist Brian Mitchell. I recommend it. But ideology would argue that we will be more gender-enlightened in 23 years. no thanks. Let them answer the 2019 book of decorated Afghan war veteran James Hasson, “Standdown: How Social Justice Warriors are Interfering with the American Army.”

Hasson has tentatively addressed the growing influence of identity politics since Mitchell’s book was published. He is hurting the Obama administration. “It’s full of far-left ideologies that don’t care about understanding or understanding the military …. In their eyes, it’s a blunt tool to drive broader change within society as a whole. did.”

Hasson blames his blame for flinch-inducing examples, such as the military’s “Gender Integrated Study” (China is currently conducting “masculinity training”), which drives the end of the “super-masculinity” of combat weapons units. In support, PowerPoint presentation to commander “male pregnancy.” Hasson disqualifies male candidate to ensure the success of the first female candidate by senior military legendary ranger school officials It even reveals evidence that it overlooked a serious training failure by a likely female recruit.

recently Newsweek ArticlesAaron Reitz, a Marine Corps reserve major and Texas Deputy Attorney General for Legal Strategy, takes the same position. Diversity adoption intensified under the Obama administration in 2009, Reitz said. His captain told us that we needed to enroll a certain number of ethnic minorities and women in college. He said he didn’t have to be too strict about physical fitness or schoolwork. Just bring them in. is.”

Reitz can imagine today that disagreement with these policies would result in dissenting police being called “racists,” “sexists,” “negotiations,” and “radicals.” I wrote that it wasn’t. In March 2021, during a special training session, “Standdown to Address Extremism,” a man was threatened by “domestic terrorism,” in which the United States was characterized by “anti-government” and “anti-government.” I was told that I was there. “Authority” or “abortion-related” radicalism and various “paranormal” ideas. None of these are defined. Men were also advised to report on those who had an “extremist ideology.” They should not have “divided loyalty”.

Since the “riot” at the US Capitol on January 6, Reitz said, “bureaucratic progressiveism has solidified and Tekken has awakened.” The Pentagon has developed a delusion about white supremacy. In February, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo to all Pentagon leaders stating that the Pentagon “does not tolerate actions related to extremist or dissident ideology.” Based on 2019 figures, all over 1.14 million military personnel will be trained as “radicals”. Deputy Secretary of the Navy Thomas Harker has issued a note promising to eradicate ideologies that challenge “actions that betray our vows,” such as “gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Active conscription ended in the United States almost 50 years ago. American women have the freedom of choice in military service. However, men are not obliged to enroll in selective services as they must be 18 years old. There are serious penalties, from fines to imprisonment. Where is the capital there? Don’t expect politicians to touch that bright red button. In an awakened army, like an awakened society, some people are more equal than others.

Meanwhile, the swelling laughter you hear? It’s the Chinese Communist Party’s Polytobro, and it’s incredibly delightful to roam the latest season of the American streaming comedy series “Circular Firing Squad,” produced, directed, and played by the Military Progressive Complex.

Barbara Kay has been a National Post weekly columnist since 2003. He has also contributed to, Quillette and The Dorchester Review. She is the author of three books.

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