Incel ideology urging followers to ‘take the red pill’ is on the rise, says British researcher

the greatest commanding British scholar incel thought research online says it’s still growing and seems to be a backlash against feminism.

Over the past few weeks, the British media has seen an increase in articles about incels, or involuntary bachelors. This is partly related to the focus on online misogyny following the arrest of influencer Andrew Tate in Romania.

Lewys Brace, Senior Lecturer in Computational Social Sciences at the University of Exeter, said of the incel community: Content is displayed.

He said one of the reasons the UK incel community has grown since the pandemic and COVID-19 lockdown is because people are staying home more, but added: . Others in a way that really prey on some of these very young people’s anxieties. I mean, they’re pretty young. 12 or he’s seen posts by 13 year olds. “

Brace, whose research is due to be published in the coming weeks, told the Epoch Times: Hairline, jawline, eye color, etc. And they believe that these traits themselves are non-standard and inherently ugly. “

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate will leave the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania on January 10, 2023. (Alexandru Dobre/AP Photo)

“At the same time, they argued that since the rise of second-wave feminism in the 1960s and more recently, various social and technological innovations and developments have given women more autonomy and empowered them socially and economically. I believe we are no longer dependent on men for safety,” he added.

Brace believes that incels now lead women to pursue a “basic urge” to “procreate sexually with the most attractive men.”

Incel Ideology “Stripping All Agency Women”

he said:

Incel terminology ranks the most handsome, tall, and physically perfect man as Chad, and describes the beautiful, unattainable woman as Stacey.

Below that is a Beta male, sometimes called Normie, and a normal female known as Becky.

Then comes the incel at the bottom.

In incel ideology, alpha males, like former kickboxer Tate, will always find more success with women, and, like the plot of the movie The Matrix, men take “blue pills” to stay alive. I believe we can. Or take the “red pill” and accept the reality of their situation.

Brace said the “broader manosphere” would include incels and “men who go their own way”, and that Tate would fall into a category called “pick-up artists”.

Epoch Times photo
An undated screengrab taken from a video posted to YouTube of Jake Davison killing five people in Plymouth, England, on August 12, 2021. (PA)

Evidence was heard last week that the shooter, Jake Davison, was browsing the Incel website shortly before the massacre, during a hearing into the August 2021 killing of five people in the port city of Plymouth.

Davison, who shot five people in eight minutes, including a three-year-old girl, is not the first known killer to be influenced by incel culture.

In 2018, self-proclaimed incel Alec Minassian murdered 10 people on the streets of downtown Toronto.

Just before launching the attack, Minassian went to the message board 4Chan and posted a “manifest” that read: C23249161. The incel rebellion has already begun! Overthrow all Chads and Stacys! Hail to Supreme Gentleman Elliott Roger! “

This was a reference to Elliott Roger, who turned a gun on himself after shooting and stabbing six people in California in 2014.

In February 2020, a 17-year-old incel stabbed a sex worker to death at a massage parlor near Toronto.

The teenager later praised Minassian and when asked by a police officer why he identified as an incel, said: You are one by birth. “

Epoch Times photo
Police at the scene after a van driven by Alec Minassian ran onto the sidewalk and hit a number of pedestrians on April 23, 2018 in Toronto. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/The Canadian Press)

Davison and Minassian were both 25 when they carried out the attack, Brace said, and both intended to die, but Minassian, who wanted “suicide by police,” survived.

He said this appears to be a common thread among old incels.

Brace says that while many young men who become obsessed with incel ideology in their teens end up “getting out of it” with more life experience, they are still into it in their mid-twenties. He said some people are persistent.

The dangers of going down the incel “rabbit hole”

“They go down this rabbit hole and eventually get to a point where this logic feels right and there is no getting out of it. I think it will start to become a threat of attack,” he added.

In incel ideology, taking the “black pill” means accepting one’s destiny or doing something against it, and implies some kind of gang violence.

In May 2014, 22-year-old Elliott Roger posted a “retaliation” video on YouTube and emailed a lengthy autobiographical document to more than 30 acquaintances after he conducted a massacre near a college campus in California. Did.

Epoch Times photo
This image from a video posted to YouTube shows Elliott Roger. (YouTube/AP photo)

Roger never actually used the word incel, but his misogynistic manifesto laid the groundwork for much of online ideology.

Superintendent Rachel Bentley said at the Plymouth inquest that Davison had seen a YouTube video about Roger and also mentioned “black pills.”

Davison also describes herself as a “virgin, [expletive] fat and ugly

According to Brace, the term incel has actually been around since the late 1990s, ironically by a Canadian woman who launched a website called Alana’s Unwilling Bachelors Group and called its members incels. A word first coined by and transformed into incel.

Interviewed by the BBC in 2018, Alana said her website was a “friendly place”, adding: That’s a pretty sad version of this phenomenon that’s happening today. “

London-based barrister and feminist activist Charlotte Proudman wrote on Twitter last week: They are literally YouTubers, police officers, politicians, fathers and brothers. Being an incel has nothing to do with your appearance or existence. It’s how you value and treat women. “

In October 2022, the government issued advice on “understanding and identifying risks of radicalization” in schools, colleges and universities.

this is Document He said there were also threats from people with “mixed, unclear or unstable ideologies”.

This includes “targeting some kind of ‘perceived other’ (perhaps based on gender or another protected characteristic), but who otherwise does not identify with a particular terrorist ideology or cause.” It is included. For example, involuntary incels who direct their anger primarily at women. “

Overlapping Incel Communities and the Far Right

Brace said there is overlap between the incel community and the Far Right.

“The blue pill/red pill is very common in the Far Right, as was this whole idea of ​​this mythical Golden Age long ago. There is some anecdotal evidence that they are trying to rip off.

Brace said there is growing awareness of the dangers posed by online incel ideology.

he said: The problem is they are doing all they can, but the government needs to enact a more holistic and basic approach to dealing with this stuff. We need to introduce lessons into our curriculum to deal with disinformation, extremist content online, and basically train young people. Know what’s not and deal with it in a healthy way. “