Inclined coverage of legacy media tracker protests condemned


When it comes to large-scale protests, Trackers’ protests for freedom on Ottawa’s Parliamentary Hill have been very successful. Thousands of upset people gathered in one place to demonstrate without reports of violence or vandalism. There are no clashes with the police or destruction of windows.

But if you look only at the legacy media coverage of this event, you’d think the demo was dominated by neo-Nazis and various other hatred groups. The coverage was nothing but horrifying.

Let’s look back at what has been talked about since the first day of the opposition movement took place on January 29th.

There are pictures of people holding the Nazi flag on the market. It has never actually been seen among protesters, but has been used to claim that protests are dominated by the Nazis.

One federal flag was seen in the crowd. The picture is also widespread. but, Video of demonstrators Chasing that only flagbearer from their rank seems to have been overlooked by the media.

Some fools parked on the steps of the National War Memorial, and idiots danced on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This video is constantly being played by mainstream outlets, but they don’t mention that this was done well outside the place where the demo took place and was only a handful of people. By the way, those people were covered with the Quebec flag. Why doesn’t the media try to claim that it’s part of the Quebec nationalist movement?

Several twists covered the flag and masked the Terry Fox memorial. The item is removed within minutes and the statue is intact (unlike many statues destroyed in past protests). It was rude, but there were few capital crimes. Still, we are constantly plagued by the image of “blasphemy” on mainstream channels.

Parliamentarians were bombed with a felt-tip pen on a jerk with a swastika on the Canadian flag. A ridiculous request was made for the MP to apologize, though he apparently didn’t even know that the flag was waving behind him. The media is working hard to keep this story alive.

About that. that’s all. This is the worst thing the mainstream media could find after a day in Ottawa with thousands of demonstrators.

Why couldn’t the media report on the thousands of Canadian flags proudly waving through the demonstrations? Why they can at least realize that a single violence did not occur, despite a week’s prediction from “experts” that this demonstration would turn into another “January 6” event. Couldn’t you?

When choosing winners and losers from demos in Ottawa, the losers are clearly members of the mainstream media.

Trust in traditional media has declined over the years with the number of viewers. Inclined news coverage, coupled with government bailouts, has driven people to look for news from alternative news providers. This week’s condemned action from mainstream media really exposed Canadians to how corrupt the institution was.

No one expects the media to support the truck driver’s protest, but at least people expect the press to be fair.

The media first ignored the convoy, then tried to disperse rumors about the legitimacy of the convoy’s financing, and then tried to portray the convoy as an extreme. CBC even tried to link Convoy support for the interests of Russia.

Still, we are witnessing the incredible events that unfold in front of us.

Despite the most active efforts to establish Canada’s politics and media, unprecedented national movements and protests have emerged. The organizers did not need mainstream media coverage to attract tens of thousands of people. You didn’t even need a founding bank to raise more than $ 8 million from more than 100,000 people.

This underlies the desperate, almost hysterical opposition to Trackers’ protests for freedom from Canadian institutions. The Canadian political and media elite lose control, which scares Tar from them. They don’t know what to do and respond hysterically.

Over time, it will be clear whether the protest actually has the effect of putting pressure on the authorities to lift the pandemic restrictions. If not, the convoy is already very successful.

The convoy has shown that citizens can and can stand up when pushed too far, and that the facility is not invincible.

The Canadian political and media elite needed a fair amount of personal anxiety, and they just got it. They can now choose to change their songs or be left behind. I think they will choose the latter-and we will all get better for it.

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Corey Morgan


Cory Morgan is a Calgary-based columnist and business owner.