Increasing cases of infection at geriatric care facilities in Victoria

Victoria recorded 11 new cases out of 43,874 tests performed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of outbreaks to 54. nursing home.

Another worker and resident of the Arcare Maidstone geriatric care facility in North Melbourne was also infected after a female employee of the facility tested positive for the virus on Sunday.

The facility’s CEO, Colin Singh, said in a statement Monday, “Unfortunately, Arkea has a second team member and one resident of the Maidstone mansion test positive for COVID-19. You can confirm that.

“Residents are showing mild symptoms, but we are transferring them to a hospital where their condition can be closely monitored. Team members are also mildly symptomatic and are recovering at home.”

The infected resident was vaccinated once with Pfizer and waited for the second vaccination, but the second staff was not vaccinated.

The first staff member, a woman in her 50s, received her first COVID-19 vaccine on May 12. She is currently a “mysterious case” because contact tracing has not revealed the route of infection.

So far, only one-third of the facility’s 110 staff have been vaccinated, and 53 of the 76 residents have been vaccinated once with Pfizer.

Labor Party Bill Shorten, whose facility is covered by Malibianong voters, urged the public to be vaccinated.

“Worry, a staff member who recorded positive and one resident, perhaps two who were probably infected with COVID, were both vaccinated in the first round,” he said on Monday. “The sick people were actually vaccinated. I need two. One is not enough.”

From the last 24 hours to midnight, more than 16,000 vaccines have been administered at state-owned facilities.

Meanwhile, another elderly care facility in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Blue Cross Western Gardens Sunshine Elderly Housing, was found infected with a female employee over the weekend.

It is not yet clear if this employee is one of the two cases identified at Arcare Maidstone. ABC reported..