Increasing number of European countries rolling back COVID-19 restrictions

Major European economies have launched a rollback of COVID-19 restrictions in recent weeks in response to the surge in cases and hospitalizations.

In the UK, people do not need to wear masks or prove vaccinated in public to enter places such as restaurants and pubs starting next Thursday.

“Thanks to a special booster campaign, the public will be able to return to Plan A in the UK and revoke Plan B regulations from the start of next Thursday, along with a way for the public to respond to Plan B’s measures.” Boris Johnson The minister said a few days ago.

The Prime Minister quoted data suggesting that the proliferation of Omicron variants “now peaked nationwide.”

“And after careful examination of the data, the Cabinet concluded that once the regulation expired, the government would no longer require anyone to wear a face mask,” Johnson said.

In nearby Ireland, almost all COVID-19 rules are expected to expire on Saturday morning, including capacity limits for outdoor and indoor events.Early closure times and some so-called social distance measurements have also been abolished, officials Said last week.

“The main things governments have to consider at today’s conference are timing issues and financial support for businesses. As we have always said, removing passports for business There is no edge to the cliff, but there is an end, “said Leo Varadkar, Deputy Government Director of Ireland, in a public statement.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex claimed late last week that France’s COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations had improved, and said the country would begin to withdraw restrictions in the coming weeks.

Protesters have a placard stating “The truth will free you” during a demonstration against the Healthpass and COVID-19 vaccine at Trocadero Plaza in Paris on January 15, 2022. (Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP via Getty Images).

“This exceptional wave isn’t over, but the situation is starting to evolve in a more favorable way,” Castex said. remarks On thursday. However, he linked the relaxation of restrictions with the new French COVID-19 vaccine passport. Impact on Monday, And some critics explained this As a draconian And recently, it has been gathering public protests.

Castex and other French officials said the vaccine passport system could be completely abolished if the situation at COVID-19 in the country improved further. Health Minister Oliver Belan said Thursday that it depends on the number of people hospitalized.

“We are a little more confident that we can relax some of these restrictions and get people back to normal life as much as possible,” Belan said. according to To France 24.

According to French officials, February 2 will eliminate the obligation to wear outdoor masks, limit the number of spectators at some venues, and eliminate the need to work from home. Nightclubs will also be allowed to reopen in mid-February.

On January 20, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told reporters that COVID-19 needs to be approached in the same way that the European Union approaches influenza.

“What we are saying is that in the coming months and years, we have to think about how to manage the pandemic with different parameters, without hesitation, as science teaches us.” He said on Monday. report Associated Press.

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Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.