Independence Party Member of Provincial Ontario Roman Baber Participates in Conservative Leadership Race

An independent member of Provincial Assembly, who became famous for speaking against the blockade of COVID-19, said he would run for Conservative leaders.

Roman Barber said he launched the campaign Wednesday night, competing with well-known Federal Conservatives such as Pierre Poirievre and Leslyn Lewis, and considers himself a vulnerable party contest.

Former Premier of Quebec Jean Charest will also be competing in the race on Thursday.

Babel in Toronto after Ontario Prime Minister Dougford expelled him from the progressive conservative government in January 2021 in publicly calling for the end of the blockade that was in place at the time to stop the COVID epidemic. Sit as an independent MPP for riding in the York Center. -19.

He was also banned from running for the party in the June Ontario elections.

Both Poilievre and Lewis have opposed vaccination obligations and health restrictions to close businesses and keep residents inside, but Baber made him stand out first because he did. Say it is the fact.

“Until recently, I don’t think anyone was willing to speak up against the blockade or vaccine passport,” he told the Canadian press.

“I didn’t hesitate to oppose blockages, obligations, or passports if they were politically incorrect or difficult to do so.”

Baber supports “spontaneous vaccination” and states that he is fully immunized, but has not received a third booster.

Compulsory vaccination policy was a source of tension between former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, some members of his caucuses, and party supporters.

Outur sought to strike a balance between promoting vaccination against COVID-19 and respecting the ability of people to control their health choices.

That position was exposed to criticism from fellow conservatives who wanted to more strongly defend the rights of those who remained unvaccinated, but others, including the Liberal Party, said he. All 118 lawmakers accused him of not being able to say whether he was double-dose.

Babel believes that the blockade is remembered as a failure of public policy, and that the pandemic response is linked to “revoking cultural and political correctness.”

As an immigrant born in the former Soviet Union who emigrated to Canada at the age of 15, he says he wants to stand up and cancel the culture and “restore democracy in Canada.” Invoking the emergency law. “

Regarding the implementation of the campaign, Babel was confident that he would be able to pay the $ 300,000 required by the party to participate in the race and completed the campaign team.

Regarding the party’s growth that must be done if he wants to establish a government in the Greater Toronto Area, Mr. Babel said he feels that conservatives should talk more about transportation, housing and medical care on behalf of the city. ..

And about what he considers himself a conservative, Babel says he is a “democratic conservative.”

“We believe we must respect basic democracy and promise to respect the disagreements within our own Conservatives, and I speak from experience.”

Canadian press