India attacks second Chinese mobile operator this month

New Delhi (AP) — Indian investigators accused Chinese smartphone maker Oppo of attacking an Indian subsidiary and avoiding tariffs totaling 43.9 billion rupees ($ 551 million), the government said Wednesday. ..

The executive office, India’s financial crime investigation agency, said it had sent a notice to the company asking for the recovery of funds.

Oppo India, a subsidiary of Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd in China, was the second most searched mobile operator in China this month.

This action underscores the scrutiny of Chinese companies following the standoffs on the Himalayan border between two nuclear-armed neighboring troops that began in 2020. Twenty Indians and four Chinese soldiers were killed at standoffs.

Citing security concerns, India has also banned more than 300 Chinese mobile apps and tightened rules on China’s investment in India.

Oppo India manufactures, assembles, wholesales and distributes mobile phones and accessories in India.

In a statement, the Board accused Oppo India of improperly accounting for royalties and license fees using a total of 2.9 billion rupees ($ 377 million) of ineligible tariff exemptions. He said a large amount of money had been sent to China to avoid paying taxes in India.

A spokesman for Oppo India couldn’t get any comments right away. Zhao Tateken, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said in Beijing earlier this month that the Chinese government has required Chinese companies operating abroad to comply with local laws and regulations, and is working to protect their rights and interests. He said he was supporting.

“We hope that India will conduct investigations and law enforcement in accordance with the law and provide a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies to invest and operate in India,” Zhao said.

An Indian investigator said last Thursday that he searched dozens of offices in China-owned Vivo Mobile IndiaPrivate Limited as part of an investigation focused on smartphone makers’ allegations of money laundering.

India’s executive office 119 with rupees 4.65 billion ($ 58.76 million), 2 kilograms (£ 4.4) gold sticks and 7.3 million rupees ($ 92,405) in cash during a raid on a company owned by China’s step height. Said that he had seized his bank account.