India begins vaccination of all adults over 18 years of age amid surge in infectious diseases

Healthcare workers inoculate men with Covaxin Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine

All citizens over the age of 18 will be offered a coronavirus jab from May 1st

India expanded its vaccination program as infectious diseases surged and the capital was blocked.

The government said on Monday that coronavirus jabs will be available to all adults over the age of 18 from May 1.

However, due to the lack of vaccine supply in many states, it is unclear where the additional doses will come from.

The government said last week that it had only 27 million vaccinations, or enough jabs for nine days at current vaccination rates.

India is currently immunizing health workers, frontline workers and people over the age of 45, but many states, including the worst-affected Maharashtra, have reported inadequate supply. I will. There are reports that people are moving away from vaccination centers in many areas.

Vaccine suppliers such as the Serum Institute of India have also warned of a shortage of raw materials that fail to meet international requirements and impact production. Institute CEO Pointed out US export ban on specific items required for vaccine production..

Vaccine stock posters not available outside Mumbai's Bandraculla Complex Jumbo Vaccination Center

Due to vaccine shortages in many states, it is unclear where the additional doses will come from.

So how does the vaccine increase?

The process so far was controlled by the federal government, but the government is changing the rules. The move will improve production and availability, further attracting domestic and foreign players.

Vaccine manufacturers need to supply 50% of the dose to the central government and the rest to the state government and the open market at a given price.

Three vaccines were first approved for use in India. Two are manufactured by the Indian companies Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech, and the third is the Russian Sputnik V. Since then, vaccines approved for use in other countries are said to be available in India as well.

The body of a person who died in Covid-19 was brought to cremation

Deaths are rising in India in the deadly wave of coronavirus

The government has also approved a $ 600 million (£ 428 million) grant from the Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech.

How bad is the situation in India?

India has reported about 200,000 cases daily since April 15. This is well above last year’s peak, which averaged about 93,000 daily.

The death toll is also increasing. The government confirmed 1,619 deaths from the virus on Monday.

India records the largest surge in daily Covid-19 cases

India records the largest surge in daily Covid-19 cases

The capital, Delhi, ordered a six-day blockade starting Monday, and the city hospital reported a shortage of beds, oxygen and major medications.

Over the weekend, Delhi’s Prime Minister Albind Keziwar tweeted that oxygen was in a state of emergency in Delhi. “Given the surge in cases, Delhi needs far more than normal supply,” he said.

Several major cities have filed similar complaints.

This has allowed authorities to take advantage of the country’s vast rail network to begin transporting oxygen throughout the country on special trains.

The first train to depart from Mumbai in western Maharashtra and arrive at Vizag in southern Andhra Pradesh.

In many states, industrial oxygen is being diverted for medical purposes.