India, France and United Arab Emirates Sign Trilateral Partnership

India, France and the United Arab Emirates have a tripartite partnership in the energy sector, particularly solar and nuclear energy, tackling climate change and strengthening defense capabilities, the countries said.

In a conference call on Saturday, the foreign ministers of the three countries discussed a roadmap for the Trilateral Initiative, which will serve as a platform for increasing cooperation between relevant agencies on sustainable projects.

according to them Joint statement, Leaders agreed to explore the possibility of working with the Indian Ocean Rim Association to pursue concrete projects on clean energy, environment and biodiversity.

“India, France and the United Arab Emirates, recognizing the important role that social and human ties play in constructive partnerships, will work together as a platform to promote cultural cooperation through various joint projects involving heritage. We will ensure that this trilateral initiative is utilized, promoted and protected.”

In support of this initiative, the three countries will each host a trilateral event within the Indian Presidency of the G20, with the UAE hosting the COP28 UN Climate Summit 2023.

They also agreed to expand cooperation through existing initiatives such as the UAE-led Mangrove Alliance for Climate Change and the Indo-Pacific Parks Partnership led by India and France, according to a joint statement.

Additionally, the leaders pledged to focus on issues such as single-use plastic pollution, desertification and food security in relation to the 2023 International Millet Year under the new initiative.

The three countries said the tripartite partnership aims to promote compatibility, joint development and joint production in the defense sector, while also strengthening cooperation among defense forces.

The two leaders aim to intensify exchanges on emerging threats from infectious diseases and measures to combat future pandemics, the statement said.

The UAE’s Ambassador to India, Sunjay Sudhir, said the trilateral initiative was “very important” for India, which has built strong ties with both the UAE and France. The project will focus on the Indian Ocean region, based on a joint statement.

“In the tripolar framework, there are many synergies that can create even better synergies. That is the whole idea behind it,” said Sudhir. arab news.