India permits export of wheat consignment registered before May 13

India has “some relaxation” to a ban on wheat exports after reports that thousands of wheat-laden trucks have been stuck in ports since the ban came into effect on May 13. I admitted.

“It has been decided that whenever a wheat consignment is handed over to customs for inspection and registered in the customs system prior to 13.5.2022, export of such consignment is permitted.” Said the Ministry of Commerce. Said on tuesday.

India will also release all 61,500 tons of wheat cargo destined for Egypt after the Egyptian government has requested that wheat cargo be loaded into the port of Kandla. Approximately 44,340 of wheat cargo was loaded.

More than 4,000 trucks carrying wheat cargo lined up outside the port of Kandra after the government banned wheat exports on May 13 to ensure food security and inflation control. report.

Some dealers argued that India’s wheat export ban has trapped 1.8 million tonnes of grain at the port, and traders are facing significant losses from the prospect of selling to weak domestic markets.

One trader based in Mumbai said Reuters Export bans may force you to declare unavoidable shipping to overseas customers.

“We bought wheat from the trader and moved it to the port,” the trader said. “Our intention is to fulfill our export promises, but we cannot overturn government policy. Therefore, we have no choice but to declare irresistibleness.”

UN Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield reconsiders the decision to ban wheat exports, fearing that the war between Russia and Ukraine could not be put to an end and could exacerbate food shortages. I asked India to do it.

“We have seen reports of India’s decision. We are encouraging countries not to restrict exports, as restricting exports is likely to exacerbate food shortages.” Thomas Greenfield said at a press conference on May 16.

“India is one of the countries participating in the Security Council meeting, and we hope they will reconsider their position after hearing growing concerns from other countries,” she said. Added.

India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat, had previously stated that it was ready to close the food supply gap caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, but a scorching heat wave reduced production. , The domestic price reached a record high.

The government said the export ban would not apply if private trade had made a prior promise through a letter of credit and if a permit was granted at the request of another country “to meet food security needs”.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Aldgra Fredly is a Malaysia-based freelance writer featuring the Epoch Times Asia Pacific News.