India reports record high number of cases and deaths

New Delhi — India has set a new record for 295,041 coronaviruses as the death toll exceeds 2,000 for the first time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the state government on Tuesday to impose a strict blockade in favor of the microcontainment zone in an attempt to avoid another economic downturn, despite the hospital’s struggle.

India’s surge has exacerbated the slowdown in global immunization campaigns. India is a major vaccine producer, but has been forced to delay the delivery of shots in order to focus on domestic demand. So far, India has been vaccinated more than 130 million times in about 1.4 billion countries since mid-January.

Overall, India reports more than 15.6 million confirmed cases, the second highest after the United States. The death toll was 182,553.


Outbreak of virus:

— Hit the latest vaccine milestones, Biden Push all shots

— EU regulator approves warning label For J & J vaccine

— — Brazil Still proliferating COVID cases among the unprotected majority

— Most prisoners in the U.S. military Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is currently receiving the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

-powerful Greek church Believers will be able to attend the Orthodox Easter service next week, but said they would limit attendance and hold the service earlier in the day to comply with the government’s curfew.

— Many people by means from Latin America Due to limited supply in their own country, they are traveling thousands of miles to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.


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What else is happening:

Honolulu-Hawaii officials are planning to allow people who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus to skip pre-travel testing and quarantine requirements for inter-island flights.

For now, this rule is only for those who have been vaccinated in Hawaii and those who travel the state.

This plan does not change the ability of the person to travel or evade quarantine by testing, but adds another option for the person who received the shot.


Toronto — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is increasing travel restrictions that require air travelers arriving in Canada to quarantine their hotels at their own expense.

He is also grateful to two major airlines in Mexico and the country for extending the voluntary suspension of flights to all Caribbean destinations until May 21st. The measures were first announced in January.

Trudeau reiterates that it is not time to travel. He says rigorous travel, testing, and quarantine measures in Canada are very important. But he states that traveling abroad directly describes a few cases in Canada, and that those restrictions are just one tool for fighting a pandemic.

In Canada, there is a third wave of infection, especially in Ontario. In Ontario, Prime Minister Doug Ford was lagging behind in reapplying blockade restrictions.


New York — General Motors has joined the list of companies that offer more flexible work options to employees as more people are vaccinated in the coronavirus pandemic.

In a LinkedIn post on Tuesday, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra, automakers are where employees can make the most impact on achieving the company’s goals, as long as the job is suitable for such things. Situations that said it would allow you to have the flexibility to work in. Called “work properly,” GM states that the approach is based on the belief that employees can “make wise decisions without overly normative guidance.”

The announcement came a month after Ford Motor Company told about 30,000 employees working from home around the world that they could continue to work indefinitely during manager-approved flexible hours. It is done. Ford plans to use a “hybrid” work office. Employees commute primarily for projects that are ideal for group meetings and face-to-face interactions.

With the exception of Ford, Salesforce, Facebook, Google, and other tech companies have stated that they will continue their telecommuting policy indefinitely.


Rome — Italy brings the latest corona virus vaccination hub to the Cinecitta film studio, where one of Rome’s most iconic cultural spots, La Dolce Vita, Ben Ha and other Italian cinema jewels were made. It was opened.

Filmed on Tuesday, the Romans received a movie star poster and a moving message (“Be happy!”) From Sophia Loren, Roberto Benigni and others in the waiting room of a vast center that turned from a studio to a vaccine. I did.

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini attended the opening, stating that Cinecitta is a “brilliant place” in the history of Italian cinema, as well as an important place for the present and future of Italian filmmaking after COVID.

Cinecitta Studio is now joining Rome’s main railway stations, auditoriums and conference centers as a hub for vaccination in the Eternal City. This is part of the government’s efforts to rapidly accelerate the pace of shots in the former center of Europe’s epidemic.


Indianapolis — Two national drugstore chains say they have almost finished their job of delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff in most long-term care facilities.

In December, CVS and Walgreens began sending a team of healthcare professionals to nursing homes, life support facilities, and other locations. They have received a total of 7.7 million COVID-19 vaccines so far.

COVID-19 caused more than 646,000 cases and 131,000 deaths in long-term care facilities. However, according to the American Medical Association, which represents most nursing homes, the weekly total of new cases has declined by more than 90% since the vaccination program began.


Jerusalem — The Israeli Prime Minister says he is planning a new vaccination that will probably involve children within six months.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Pfizer and Moderna have agreed to supply Israel with an additional 16 million vaccines. He says. “So prepare your arms, muscles for those who want them, and children. By then, we estimate that a vaccine for children will be approved.”

Many health professionals believe that vaccinated people may need to receive boosters to maintain their immune levels.

Israel has actively promoted vaccination, with nearly 90% of the adult population being vaccinated or recovered with COVID-19. This has allowed the government to reopen schools, stores, restaurants, and major airports in recent weeks. This week, the government ended the one-year limit, stating that people no longer need to wear masks outdoors.

Israel has been criticized by UN officials and human rights groups for not sharing any more vaccines with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel states that it is not responsible for immunizing Palestinians under previous diplomatic agreements. The Palestinian Authority has been working to secure its own vaccine supply, primarily through the UN-sponsored COVAX program, but is far behind Israel.


Des Moines, Iowa — Almost half of the counties in Iowa declined to ship the COVID-19 vaccine due to lack of demand, state officials said in a public relations campaign to raise interest in shots.

The State Department has instructed the county to reduce the dose if it cannot guarantee that the county can use everything, spokeswoman Sarah Exstrand said.

The state reported on Tuesday that 43 of Iowa’s 99 counties refused to ship additional vaccines. Of the 43, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified 12 as having a high coronavirus infection rate.


Mexico City — Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador vaccinated against the coronavirus on Tuesday.

Lopez Obrador was vaccinated with AstraZeneca from a military nurse at a daily morning press conference.

“It doesn’t hurt, and it protects us all,” says Lopez Obrador, urging all Mexicans over the age of 60 to be vaccinated.

The president said in March that he would postpone firing because he had antibodies after being infected in January. However, he later changed his mind at the recommendation of a doctor to get vaccinated. He also said he would like to set an example for others to take shots.

The 67-year-old president was scheduled to take his shot in the first week of April, along with other people over the age of 60 in central Mexico City.

Lopez Obrador sought to set an example with the vaccine, but he expressed contempt for the mask. He refused to mandate them in public, saying it would violate personal liberties.