India says it is concerned about China’s new border law

New Delhi — India’s Foreign Ministry passed by China last week to strengthen border protection in a protracted military conflict between two Asian giants along the Himalayan frontier in dispute. He said he was concerned about the law.

On Saturday, China passed a dedicated law specifying how to govern and protect the 14,000-mile border shared with 14 neighboring countries, including Russia, nuclear-capable North Korea, and India.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said, “China’s unilateral decision to submit a bill that could affect existing bilateral agreements on border control and border issues is a concern. Will be done. “

The 3,500 km long border between India and China has not been clarified, and nuclear-armed neighbors have overlapping claims over a large area of ​​territory along the frontier. The two countries fought a border war in 1962.

Thousands of Indian and Chinese troops also remain rallying along the distant Himalayan border in the Ladakh region, where two troops face off at a high altitude since last year, despite more than 12 talks. I’m trapped in.

“We also hope that China will avoid taking actions under the excuse of the law that could unilaterally change the situation in the border area between India and China,” Baguchi said.

By Devjyot Ghoshal



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