India seizes $ 2.7 billion in Afghan heroin hauling in the turmoil of the acquisition of Kabul


Ahmedabad — Indian officials seized nearly three tonnes of heroin from Afghanistan on Tuesday in the turmoil following the Taliban’s takeover of the country last month, worth an estimated 200 billion rupees ($ 2.72 billion). Said.

Afghanistan is the world’s largest illegal drug supplier, but since taking power, the Islamic Taliban have said they have planned to ban drug trafficking without revealing details of the method.

Gujarat officials said the two had been arrested in connection with the transport and an investigation was underway and could not be named because they were not allowed to speak publicly.

India’s premier anti-smuggling agency, the Revenue Information Agency (DRI), seized two containers at the port of Mundra in western Gujarat on September 15, after receiving information containing drugs, officials said. ..

Officials added that the container was imported by a company in the South Coast city of Vijayawada.

“Surveys conducted so far have also revealed the involvement of the Afghan people under investigation.”

DRI officials declined to comment.

Vijayawada police said in a statement Monday that the drug had headed to Delhi and the two arrested had sought export permits based on Vijayawada’s home address.

The container was declared to contain semi-processed talc stone from Afghanistan and was shipped from Bandar Abbas port in Iran to Gujarat Mundra port, Gujarat officials said, adding that forensic examination confirmed the presence of heroin.

More than 2,988 kg (6,587 lbs) of heroin has been recovered, one of the largest shipments in India to date.

By Sumit Khana and Zeba Siddiqui