India sets new world record for Covid-19 cases in the face of oxygen deficiency

India has reported 314,835 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, a record high daily count.

Over the same period, deaths increased by 2,104, which was the worst casualty per day. It brings the total number of confirmed infections in the country close to 6 million.

India is on the verge of a vicious second wave, and severe oxygen deficiencies raise concerns about India’s overwhelming health care system.

The Supreme Court of Delhi has publicly criticized the central government for dealing with the city’s oxygen crisis.

The court was hearing petitions from the owners of six private hospitals.

He ordered the government to ensure a safe passage of oxygen supplies from factories across India to hospitals.

“This is ridiculous. I want to know what the center is doing about oxygen supply across India,” the judge said reading the verdict, “ask, borrow … stealing is the government’s responsibility.” Added. “To secure oxygen supply.

Many people died all over the country while waiting for oxygen, but I don’t know how many. Indian social media is also full of appeals to oxygen.

Crowds are gathering outside hospitals in major cities that are full. Medical services are having a hard time dealing with it.

Healthcare professionals accompany suspicious Covid-19-positive patients

Maharashtra accounts for a quarter of India’s more than 15 million Covid cases.

Authorities in western Maharashtra, the worst-affected state, have announced a series of additional restrictions starting Thursday night to combat the surge in incidents.

It had already been partially closed since April 14th.

Maharashtra is India’s wealthiest state and home to Mumbai, the financial center. It has also been a Covid hotspot since the pandemic began.

It currently accounts for a quarter of India’s more than 15 million Covid cases.

Maharashtra also reports more viral deaths than any other state-67,468. India has confirmed more than 180,000 deaths so far. Deaths are increasing, but case fatality rates remain relatively low.

In India, the number of cases has skyrocketed in the past month due to loose safety protocols. Hindu festival attended by millions of people And Viral variants, Includes “double mutant” strains. According to the National Institute of Viruses, it was detected in 61% of the samples tested in Maharashtra.

Large-scale election rallies, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, were also not canceled in West Bengal, a phased poll.

Voters will also be in the sixth stage of voting on Thursday. The government upheld the decision to continue polling.

Critics have also pointed out delays in vaccination in the country, and experts say it needs to be launched quickly to curb its spread. India has given more than 130 million doses so far, but so far the drive is limited to healthcare professionals, frontline staff, people over the age of 45, and people with comorbidities. It has been.

From May 1st, people over the age of 18 will also be eligible for the vaccine. However, the drive can slow down further due to supply shortages that are already affecting the drive.