Indian Army Kills Commander-in-Chief of Kashmir’s Terrorist Group, Killing One Police Officer

According to police, Indian troops have killed the commander-in-chief of the Jaish e Mohammad (JeM) Islamic terrorist group and four other terrorists in Kashmir, which is controlled by India.

“Last night, we launched two separate operations based on information about the existence of militants in these areas. Five militants, including JeM commander Zahid Wani and Pakistani citizen Kafeel, have launched these two. He was killed in the operation, “Kumar said.

Police officers were shot dead by terrorists outside their home in southern Srinagar on Saturday night, according to Kumar.

JeM Commander The hide crocodile Indian security forces have long been between Jammu & Kashmir police and the Indian Army’s XV Corps on Saturday night south of Srinagar, the chief of police in the majority of Muslim regions, the main city of Kashmir. We have succeeded in neutralizing the crocodile in two separate joint operations. , Vijay Kumar told Reuters.

JeM, also known as the Prophet’s Army, Listed As the leading terrorist group in India by the US State Department. Analysts say it was formed with the support of the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, and several Sunni radical groups operating in Pakistan. The group frequently clashes with Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, but no major attacks have been launched since the suicide bombing that killed 40 Indian Central Reserve Police personnel in February 2019. Hmm.

Last year, conflict areas witnessed a wave of civilian killings, terrorists targeting non-Kashmiris, including migrant workers, and members of the minority Hindu and Sikh communities in the Kashmir valley, where Muslims are the majority. It seems that it was done.

Indian troops in highly militarized areas responded with extensive crackdowns.

More than 189 terrorists were killed in Kashmir last year, police officials said.

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.