Indian defense sources say in an escalation report that the Chinese border army “has no sudden increase.”

New Delhi-In a report that 50,000 new Indian troops were deployed along the Indian-Chinese border, Indian defense sources told The Epoch Times that it was not a sudden deployment.

“There is no sudden increase in the army,” a Defense Ministry source told The Epoch Times over the phone without further details.

While Bloomberg Report Talks about the new deployment of at least 50,000 Indian troops to “three different regions” in the last few months along the de facto border with China, calling it a “historical move.” I will. On June 29, he denied it as a new development, stating that it has been a major development since last year’s standoffs.

Bloomberg’s report cites four anonymous Indian defense sources who didn’t give specific details about the three locations, but the move includes fighter squadrons, helicopters, and the M777 howitzer. It states that it contains a cannon. Mentioned the deployment of French-made Rafale fighters and long-range missiles in the Arunachal Pradesh region.

Bloomberg reported additional deployments in the central borders of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh along the southern Tibetan Plateau, but did these wider areas of the region move at strategic permanent bases? There are no details about what happened at the Tactical Temporary Base.

India and China have 2,000 miles, including various geological formations in the cross-Himalayan region, dry deserts, very high elevations to cross-border river and lake zones, cross-border wildlife sanctuaries, and thick ones. It shares a long and complex border that goes beyond. Woods.

Defense ministry sources did not deny the development in a conversation with The Epoch Times, but simply denied the “sudden increase.” Dr. Satoru Nagao, an Indian military strategy analyst and non-resident of the Hudson Institute based in Washington, DC, confirms in the Epoch Times that such military actions are generally kept secret. Said it was difficult.

Epoch Times Photo
Two Indian trucks will move towards Chang La Pass, the world’s second highest pass above 16,800 feet above sea level, and on June 22, 2021 towards Ladakh’s Pangonzo. (Venus Upadayaya / Epoch Times)

Nagao said a major redeployment to a permanent base could not be a sudden move.

“But at the same time, military action is a secret world. The Government of India probably does not want to promote this move as it could lead to increased conflict,” he said.

On June 22, when the Epoch Times traveled from the capital Leh to the border between India and China in Pangonzo, there was heavy traffic on the Alpine Pass and the next day the vehicles were visible. Carry troops from the border base to the capital.

Lake Pangonzo is 84.5 miles long and is locally known as the “Holy Lake”. This is a brackish lake that begins in India and ends in China’s territory. It was one of the main places of conflict last year.

Major GG Dwivedi, a veteran of the Indian war and a former assistant chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was previously a military attaché in India in China. “It’s strategically important because it provides a means of hiring troops along both banks, a case of the 1962 war and China’s invasion last summer,” he told the Epoch Times on the phone. Told.

From Bloomberg’s report, it’s not clear whether Pangonzo is one of three different locations reporting increased deployment, and Defense Ministry Epoch Times sources haven’t revealed the problem.

Army deployment is generally associated with many factors, including ground conditions, terrain, and weather conditions. According to Major Dwivedi.

Taking these three factors into account, he said certain border stanchions would be vacated or thinned during the harsh winter and reoccupied during the campaign season.

Military deployments are increasing in response to the PLA’s large-scale expansion last summer. Since the Chinese have not left or escalated from the Pangonzo sector, it is likely that deployment and accumulation will continue to increase until the PLA leaves and escalate, Major Dwivedi said.

“So far, discussions between military commanders have not progressed, primarily due to the PLA’s stubbornness.”

Epoch Times Photo
View of Lake Pangonzo from the beginning of the Strategic Lake in India on June 22, 2021. (Venus Upadayaya / The Epoch Times)

Report of China’s accumulation

Both countries are engaged in a verbal war over gathering troops at the border. Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a press conference on June 23 that the deployment of Chinese troops along the western border of Ladakh was a “normal defense regime.”

“China’s military deployment along the western border between China and India is a normal defense agreement aimed at preventing and responding to the invasion and threat of related countries into China’s territory,” Zhao said. The resolution of the border issue, said in response to Minister S. Jainshankar’s recent response, states that it depends on the PLA complying with its written commitment to reducing border deployment.

India reacted strongly Zhao’s statement on June 24 He accused China of gathering a large number of troops at the border, saying that Beijing wanted to unilaterally change the status quo of the border.

“We are well aware of China’s actions last year, including gathering a large number of troops near the border areas of the western sector and unilaterally trying to change the status quo along the LAC (actual line of control). It is seriously disturbing the peace and tranquility of the border area, “said Alindam Baguchi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India.

Epoch Times Photo
A line of military trucks on the alpine road of Ladakh on the way from Leh City to Lake Pangonzo on June 22, 2021. (Venus Upadayaya / Epoch Times)

Mr Nagao commented on China’s large-scale military deployment along the Indian border since last year, saying that the “normal defense system” “irritated India.”

“China said such a large-scale military deployment at the Indian-Chinese border since last year is” normal. ” China has expressed its intention to stay permanently and provoke India permanently. That’s why India is upset, “Nagao said.

“If India says that the recent move on the Indian side is not a sudden move, this means that it corresponds to China’s” normal “. I think India is deploying a huge army against China’s huge army, but both say this is normal. Therefore, both of them will maintain their military level forever. There is no relief of tension. “

Meanwhile, in all these counterarguments, the two countries are preparing. 12th round of military commander Following the decision made on Friday during the 22nd meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on the Border Issues between India and China (WMCC), we will discuss to find an early solution to the pending issues.

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