Indian Modi targets UN neighbors, but not by name


New York (AP) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not directly mention Pakistan or China in his speech at the UN General Assembly on Saturday, but his speech’s goals were clear.

He called on the international community to support Afghanistan’s women, children and minorities, and said it was imperative not to use Afghanistan as a hub for the spread of terrorism.

In a clear reference to Pakistan between Afghanistan and India, “We also make sure that no country is vigilant and willing to take advantage of the subtleties there, and make it our own. It should be used as a tool for selfish interests. ” ..

Modi also emphasized what he called the need to protect the ocean from “competition for expansion and exclusion.” India and China have long competed for influence in the Indian Ocean.

Following the wave of coronavirus surges that hit India, Modi did not mention the death toll in his country. But he reaffirmed last week’s announcement that India would resume exporting vaccines next month.

“With a deep awareness of our responsibility to humanity, India has resumed the process of providing vaccines to people in need of vaccines around the world,” Modi said, inviting vaccine manufacturers to India.

Mr Modi said it was the UN’s own duty to strengthen its effectiveness and increase its credibility.

“Today, all sorts of questions have been raised about the United Nations. We have seen such questions raised in connection with the climate crisis, and in many parts of the world during the COVID. We also found that the proxy wars, terrorism, and the recent crisis in Afghanistan further highlighted the seriousness of these problems. “