Indian police pay tribute to police officers killed during a clash with border states

Police officers pay tribute to five police officers killed on July 27, 2021 during a clash with Mizoram, the border province of Assam, India. (Screenshot via ANI / NTD via Reuters)

State police and the chief of Assam in northeastern India paid tribute to five police officers who were killed during a clash with border state Mizoram on Tuesday.

A week-long territorial dispute in the northeastern part of the country became fatal, killing at least seven people, including six police officers, and injuring more than 70 in a clash between two Indian states on Monday.

Assam’s Prime Minister Himanta Biswasarma paid tribute to five soldiers who were killed during the clash and visited the injured at Silchar Medical College.

Tensions on the Assam-Mizoram border have increased since last month when Assam police accused Lailapur of territorial invasion of the hills of Lailapur.

Violence highlights a long-standing interstate boundary problem in the region, especially between Assam and neighboring states.

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