Indian students being treated in a hospital


Indian demonstrators have placards to protest sexual assault on women, file photo

In recent years, sexual violence against women has been attracting attention in India.

A 23-year-old Indian student is being treated in a hospital for being injured during a mass rape, even when police are searching for her attacker.

The woman was previously reported to be “critical,” but police in the city of Misuru, Karnataka, said she was “not at risk.”

After a friend of the assaulted man made a statement, they say they are looking for five men.

The incident occurred near Chamundi Hill, a remote forest area popular with couples.

A survivor and her college student, a student of a local administration, were arrested on Tuesday night at about 19:30 when they returned to the city from Laritadripla, a suburb of Misuru. (Former Bangalore).

Police officials reported that the attackers were drunk and physically assaulted the boys by throwing bottles at them before sexually assaulting the survivors.

The men first tried to rob them, but later beat their male friends, taking the survivors away and sexually assaulting them, they added.

“She is in danger,” Chandragupta Police Commissioner Misul told the BBC Hindi that she used only one name.

“Several teams have been formed to arrest the criminal. This is a delicate case and details cannot be revealed,” he added.

The case is compared to the infamous gangbang of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student who boarded a bus in Delhi, the capital of India, in December 2012. She died of an injury a few days later.

Her male friend, who was also assaulted, provided important information that led to the arrest of her six rapists, including a boy.

The incident led to global anger, forcing India to introduce strict new legislation to deal with crimes of sexual nature. Five men were sentenced to death Four of them were executed Last year-the fifth died in prison.

However, despite increased surveillance, the number of sex crimes against women is not small.

In 2018, police recorded 33,977 rape cases in India. This is the average of rape every 15 minutes. Activists say the actual numbers are much higher, as many haven’t even been reported.