Indiana ministers admit adultery.The woman says she was a teenager

Warsaw, Indiana (AP) —Church ministers told congregations in Indiana that they had committed adultery about 20 years ago. Year.

Remarks Record on video Posted on Facebook on Sunday at Warsaw’s New Life Christian Church and World Outreach.

The Kosciusko County Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating, WANE-TV reported. Prosecutor Daniel Hampton did not immediately return a message on Monday seeking comments from the Associated Press.

Rev. John Lowe II told his congregation, “I committed adultery.”

“It was almost 20 years ago,” he said. “It was too long. It involved one person and there was no other. I have no defense …. I sinned. I have to say that, and you Is worth listening to. “

Rowe received a standing ovation. But then the woman approached Mike in her story.

“It was 27 years ago, not 20 years …. I was just 16 when you robbed my virgin on the floor of your office. Do you remember that? I know you do that, “she said.

She said, “You must stop lying and manipulating.”

“I was a prisoner, and you locked me in your prison,” she said when Rowe stood nearby. “I’m no longer a prisoner.”

After that, some people shouted questions at Rowe. When she was a teenager, he admitted that he had sex with the woman.

“It was wrong. I can’t get it right,” Rowe said.

When another man led the prayer, dozens of people walked around and supported him.

The church phone wasn’t answered on Monday afternoon. The Associated Press left a voicemail message to Rowe asking for comment.

Rowe told the congregation that he had resigned from his role as minister.