India’s COVID-19 human crisis swirls with record new cases

New Delhi (AP) —Indian coronavirus cases increase again on Friday, military desperately opens hospitals to control a major humanitarian crisis caused by a serious shortage of beds, drugs and oxygen I urged you.

With 386,452 new cases, India now reports more than 18.7 million cases after the United States since the pandemic began. The Ministry of Health on Friday also reported 3,498 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 208,330. Experts believe that both numbers are underestimated, but it’s unclear how much.

Distraught people fighting for hospital beds are flooding social media and messaging apps with heartbreaking plea for oxygen, medicine, and rooms in the intensive care unit.

Indian Army staff MM Naravan met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday to discuss the crisis.

Naraban said the sick could seek help from the nearest military hospital. According to a government statement, the military also supported imported oxygen tankers and vehicles that required specialized skills.

India has set a daily world record for over a week, with an average of nearly 350,000 infections. The daily death toll has almost tripled in the last three weeks, reflecting the recent surge.

In Uttar Pradesh’s most populous state, school teachers’ organizations reported that more than 550 members died after being infected with COVID-19 while helping to hold local parliamentary elections this month.

Experts have blamed new and more contagious variants of the virus and the proliferation of public rallies allowed to continue, such as political and religious rallies. On Thursday, millions voted for West Bengal’s state elections with little or no consideration of social distance.

In southern Karnataka, R. Revenue Minister Ashoka said nearly 2,000 coronavirus patients receiving home care were hung up and could not be tracked. He said police were trying to track them down because they might be seeking hospitalization on their own.

In central Madhya Pradesh, three villages in the Balaghat district have pooled funds to convert the building into a COVID-19 care center. They bought an oxygen concentrator and started hospitalization for the patient. Government doctors visit the facility twice a day.

India plans to strengthen its weakened vaccination drive by making jabs available to all adults over the age of 18 from Saturday. According to the Ministry of Health, it has been vaccinated 150 million times so far.

Nearly 10% of Indians have been vaccinated once since January, and India is one of the largest producers of vaccines in the world, but only about 1.5% have received both.

Health Minister Harash Baldan expressed his hope that aid from more than 40 countries would fill the drug shortage. The United States sends over $ 100 million in goods, including 1,000 oxygen cylinders, 15 million N95 masks, and 1 million rapid diagnostic tests.

Japan said on Friday that it would send 300 ventilators and 300 oxygen concentrators at the request of the Indian government. “Japan stands with our friend and partner India,” the Foreign Ministry said.

France, Germany, Ireland and Australia have also promised support, and Russia has dispatched two aircraft equipped with oxygen generators. The Indian Air Force also airlifted oxygen containers from Singapore, Dubai and Bangkok.

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