India’s deadly virus surge follows a crowded event

New Delhi (AP) — COVID-19 killed more than 200,000 in India as the virus surge swept the country. This is rooted in the so-called Superspreader event, which was allowed to occur months after India thought the pandemic was controlled. ..

now India It has endured the darkest chapters to date, including mass funeral cremations, burials, and the collapse of the healthcare system, exacerbated by oxygen, ventilators, and lack of hospital beds.

A series of crowded events where people were less alert and did not wear masks or keep social distance, such as mass gatherings by politicians such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, religious holidays, and pilgrimages on the Ganges. It contributed to the catastrophe.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health reported 3,293 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing India’s total deaths to 201,187. The 17.9 million confirmed dead cases are believed to be underestimated.

Currently, the surge is sending its health system towards collapse. Hospitalizations and deaths have reached record highs. The patient is choking because the hospital has run out of oxygen. An overwhelming crematorium fire illuminates the night sky.

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