India’s recovery surpasses new infections

New Delhi — India has reported an additional 132,364 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with recoverers declining beyond new cases this week and some state governments relaxing some of the restrictions Prompted to do.

In the latest update of the Ministry of Health on Friday, the national total exceeded 28.6 million, the second highest in the world after the United States. The ministry has killed an additional 2,713 people in the last 24 hours, with a total casualty of 340,702. He said he became a person. These numbers are certain underestimations.

The ministry also said that after 207,071 people recovered on Thursday, India’s recovery rate approached 93.80%, surpassing the number of new cases.

The number of cases is decreasing rapidly in New Delhi as well. On Friday, it recorded 487 new infections, the lowest in more than two months. Currently, there are less than 9,000 active cases in the capital.

With the daily reduction in infections, state governments such as New Delhi and Maharashtra have announced measures to lift the blockade.

Officials said the western Maharashtra province, where the financial center of Mumbai is located, plans to lift most of the regulations in half of the district this month. New Delhi has already resumed manufacturing and construction activities.

Many countries are still somehow closed and many industries and businesses are unable to resume work. Schools and most businesses remain closed.

There is increasing pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to expedite vaccination. To date, more than 220 million jabs have been administered in India, and less than 5% of the country is fully vaccinated.


Virus Outbreak Details:

— US boosts quickly Global vaccine sharingAnnounced by Biden

— — Job data To show if labor shortages are still delaying employment

— — Cardiac reaction Investigate rare vaccine-related potential in teens

— — California workplace Regulators have approved controversial rules that allow employees not to wear masks only if all employees in the room have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

— — United Kingdom This means that thousands of UK residents currently on vacation will need to be quarantined upon their return.

— — Columbia Is trying to revitalize the economy by easing some blockades, even though it is still fighting the third peak of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Here’s what else is happening:

Phoenix-Arizona’s state-owned COVID-19 vaccination site, which was touted as a national model, will be shut down later this month.

The State Department announced on Thursday that all mass vaccination facilities would be phased out and closed by June 28.

Health officials have noted that people have more options for vaccination, including pharmacies, clinics and pop-up clinics.

Approximately 1.6 million vaccinations have been given throughout the state. The first stadium to open at State Farm Stadium in Glendale received praise from President Joe Biden.

To date, more than 5.9 million doses have been administered in the state. Approximately 3.3 million people receive at least one dose. Over 2.8 million people have both vaccinations. This is less than half of the state’s population eligible for vaccination.


Denver-Although the pandemic appears to be receding, about 500 people in Colorado continue to be hospitalized with COVID-19.

Health officials say that almost all of them have common characteristics. That is, they are not vaccinated.

Colorado Public Radio reports that the COVID-19 vaccine is currently in use and is available to almost anyone over the age of 12. This vaccine provides almost universal protection against illness and even better protection for severe cases leading to hospitalization.

Hospital doctors treating COVID-19 patients in the state cannot remember the death of one of the vaccinated people. Still, health officials are having a hard time convincing some groups, especially young people and minorities, to vaccinate.

Hispanic and black residents continue to be hospitalized at an disproportionately high rate, according to state health officials.

Hispanics make up about 20% of the state’s population, but in recent weeks they have made up about 28% of inpatients. Blacks make up almost 4% of the state’s population, but have been hospitalized twice as many in recent weeks.


Olympia, Washington-Washington is the latest state to offer prizes to encourage people to be vaccinated against COVID-19, with Governor Jay Insley winning a $ 2 million lottery during June. We announced a series of prizes including the lottery. Class support, airline tickets, game system.

An incentive program called “Lifetime Shots” ends on June 30 and applies to those who begin the vaccination process this month and to residents who have already been vaccinated.

Washington has joined several other states that are already creating lottery tickets, hoping to speed up vaccination, which has slowed in recent weeks, such as California, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oregon. ..

Starting next Tuesday, the state lottery will be drawn once a week for four weeks with a prize of $ 250,000. At the end of the fourth week, the final $ 1 million draw will take place.

In addition, state public four-year colleges and two-year community colleges and technical colleges have paid approximately $ 1 million to conduct their own draws as free tuition and fees for vaccinated students. I will receive it.


San Francisco –There is one pandemic change that Californians always toast. It’s a takeaway cocktail.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has said the state will allow restaurants to continue selling takeaway alcohol and continue to expand their outdoor dining until the end of the year.

Last year, coronavirus restrictions restricted indoor services, turning the restaurant into takeaway and outdoor seating.

The state’s alcoholic beverage management department has relaxed regulations to allow it to continue selling alcohol that can make a lot of money.

Legislators can permanently extend their take-away cocktail permits through a bill by Napa Democratic State Senator Bill Dodd. He said his proposal would boost revenues for difficult restaurants and give customers more choices.

The state plans to lift all capacity limits for indoor and outdoor businesses on June 15.


Washington — White House officials say US producers of vaccine materials and ingredients no longer have to prioritize orders from three companies working on COVID-19 shots.

This change is expected to alleviate the global shortage of major vaccine ingredients for foreign companies and governments.

Officials said the government would stop using the Defense Production Act to prioritize supply orders from AstraZeneca, Novabax and Sanofi. Despite being federally funded for development and manufacturing, these three companies have not yet received US approval for COVID-19 Shots.

Government officials say the United States currently has enough vaccines to protect all Americans. President Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure to provide more US vaccines and supplies to troubled countries.


Cape Town, South Africa — The World Health Organization (WHO) states that shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine in Africa have “almost stopped” and coronavirus cases have skyrocketed by 20% in the last two weeks.

Last week, South Africa alone saw an increase of more than 60% in new cases as the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases in Africa continued to face delays in its efforts to deploy Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine.

South African pharmaceutical factories have suspended more than one million J & J doses due to concerns about contamination at US factories. The African CDC Secretary said he hopes the US Food and Drug Administration will soon make an announcement on these pollution issues.


Geneva — Top World Health Organization vaccine experts say that immunization of children against the coronavirus is “not a high priority” given the very limited global supply of vaccines. I will.

Dr. Kate O’Brien said vaccination of children is a “WHO perspective,” despite an increasing number of wealthy countries approving vaccination against the new coronavirus infection for teens and children. It’s not a priority from now on. ” Vaccination during a pandemic is aimed at preventing infection rather than protecting against illness, as children are usually not at risk of becoming severe or dying from COVID-19, according to O’Brien. I will.

Canada, the United States, and the European Union have all recently approved several COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 12 to 15 as they are approaching their adult vaccination goals. WHO Executive Director Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes had previously called on wealthy countries to donate COVID-19 immunization to poorer countries instead of immunizing young people and children. Globally. Less than 1% of the COVID-19 vaccine given to is used in poor countries.

According to O’Brien, if adults who come into contact with their children are vaccinated, they do not need to be vaccinated before they can be sent to school.

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