Indictment accuses two police officers of killing Austin scientists

Austin, Texas (AP) —Texas’s two police officers reported on Friday, July 2019, that their neighbors were at risk of mental health, including one who had already been charged with murder. He was charged with shooting a scientist.

A special Travis County grand jury has charged Austin police officers Christopher Taylor and Karl Clicia with murder and fatal acts in the shooting of Maurice de Silva. The shooting took place after a neighbor in a downtown condo building reported that De Silva had a mental illness break and had a knife around his neck.

Police reported that Taylor, Krissha, and third officers confronted De Silva and told him to drop the knife. Taylor and Krissha shot him and the third officer fired a stun gun as De Silva lowered his knife to his side and proceeded toward the cops.

Both Taylor and Krissha are free in their own perception and away from the police. “To protect the completeness of the criminal procedure in this matter, APD delayed reaching a conclusion in the executive review of officers’ actions,” police said in a statement.

Taylor’s lawyer issued a statement defending his actions, saying he had no choice but to use deadly power to protect himself. They predicted the jury’s acquittal and refused to hear from a grand jury expert on the use of force, which Travis District Attorney Jose Garza reviewed the case and found the shooting to be justified. Complained.

“So far, we have refrained from accusing district attorney Jose Garza of waging a war with police officers. After today’s two new murder charges, we see what he is doing. I don’t know of any other way to characterize it, “Austin lawyers Ken Irvin and Doug O’Connell said in a joint statement.

The district attorney’s office responded with a statement that the allegations leveled by Taylor’s lawyer were false. It was not immediately clear if Krissha had a lawyer.

Taylor is already Murder prosecution of Shooting of Michael Ramos in April 2020, He was unarmed and shot when he began to drive out of a possible drug bust.

Police said police were investigating reports of people using drugs in cars, including armed men, when they encountered Ramos.

Manly got out of the car as Ramos raised his hand and raised his shirt to indicate that there was no gun in his waistband, but ignored the officer’s order to stay out of the car and was first shot with a bean bag. Away, Taylor shot him with a rifle, saying he drove next.