Indonesia welcomes “new era” for US relations and hosts the largest joint military exercise


Jakarta-Indonesia’s Foreign Minister said Thursday that the country’s army had entered a “new era of bilateral relations” with the United States as it launched the largest joint training exercise in history involving an army of 3,000 people this week.

After meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other officials, Letno Marsdi, who spoke from Washington, welcomed increased US involvement in the region and was in close contact with US President Joe Biden’s administration. He expressed great expectations for the relationship.

“A strong strategic partnership with Indonesia, a democracy and Southeast Asia’s largest economy, will add significant value to US involvement in the region,” the minister said in a press conference.

The “strategic partnership” between the two countries spans trade, investment, security and public health, and the United States will donate an additional $ 30 million in COVID-19 support this week to buy and boost oxygen and medicines. Announced. Deployment of Indonesian vaccine.

The United States is trying to strengthen its position in the region to counter the growing invasion of the Chinese administration, and Les Tonneaux’s visit to Washington coincided with the country’s largest joint military exercise.

Indonesia also has good relations with Beijing and has relied heavily on vaccines from China as part of its national vaccination program during the pandemic.

According to a statement by the Indonesian Army, US Army Commander General Andika Percasa and General Charles A. Flynn said on Wednesday that they hope the joint exercise will strengthen military power and bilateral relations.

The “Garuda Shield” joint exercise will take place from August 1st to 14th and will involve more than 3,000 soldiers.